Racing Myself

End of month and so much to say. It happens this way quite often. I want to blog daily for two weeks straight, and then I have nothing for a week. I’ve tried saving posts during my wordy times, but during the quiet periods, I do not have the same inspiration for those half-written epiphanies.

Today I have two things to cover, let’s see how much I get done.

First and foremost, the beautiful and energetic Ms. Jo Lynne Valerie has given me a blog award. It’s that pretty thing over there on the right. I even figured out how to link it back to her blog all by myself. If you know me and html, you know this is either a miracle or an accident.

Part of the requirements of accepting Jo’s award is to recommend three other blogs. Done. It wasn’t easy since I blew up Google Reader months ago when I breached the 500 mark on unread posts. I wish I had more time to read blogs, but let’s face it, we all have to make decisions with our time and I have to choose published works over most blogs. It was nothing against the bloggers themselves, or their writing, but all about me. If I’m not reading fiction, my writing suffers. It wasn’t a tough choice.

End of month also brings a resolutions update. Yay for little steps!

Health Goal: Twelve minute mile. Done. Actually, I first hit twelve minutes in the first week of January, but my energy level still ebbs and flows and so I wasn’t confident that this pace was sustainable until well into the month. Currently, my running routine is one mile at a 12-minute pace and then a second starting with a 2 minute fast walk break followed by running ½ mile. Rinse and repeat. Some days I’ve gone up to a total of 2.5 miles running (not including the fast walk breaks), but I’m not there on every run.

Next month, I’d like to be consistently hitting a 5k mark. That’s about 3.2 miles. It can be at the ½-mile intervals because currently I seem to peter out by the end of two and 2.5 is definitely pushing my limit. I think I can stretch my endurance that much farther this month, but I suspect it’ll be tough goal to meet.

Writing Goal: The month isn’t over yet! Ok, I pretty much have this one wrapped up, but I can’t say it’s done. I cut over a thousand words from FALLEN, but when doing a final read-through this week, I found a couple of minor details that needed patching. Those should get typed up Saturday for submission Saturday or Sunday. So long as I can get this done with the CRANK post due Sunday, I’ll have a double success on this month’s resolutions. I think it’s possible, but by no means guaranteed.

For next month, I’m torn. I have Kitty’s story to edit but that’ll take more than a month. At about 40k words, and not having looked at it in over a year, that will be a big project. I also am to the point with CRANK that I need to start nailing down some additional details for the summer months of this story arc. It was designed to run about a year, but since I abhor outlines before I begin writing, I still need to mentally approve of the endgame.

Don’t panic, my dear Readers. While I said that CRANK was intended for a year-long story arc, the boys will not be retiring at the end of that time. It is merely a way for me to measure my progress and to determine story breaks for when I pretty them up in novel format. There will be a second arc, and there are already the vaguest hints of it being laid down in recent posts.

While both of these things will be addressed in some form over the next month, the official resolution will be to read more. I have two novels started that I will finish and I have several new novella-lenth stories on the Kindle, of which I’m shooting for two to three of them this month. When I’m short on time, it is reading that gets forgotten too easily. Yet if I’m not reading my writing gets stale and the Muse fights against me with claws and teeth. I will stop brushing off reading as a frivolous hobby because for any writer, it should be a job requirement.



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