“February was so long that it lasted into March.”

Just a quickie – I’m not on my computer and this keyboard is louder than a machine gun.

(Simultaneously published on SparkPeople.com)

I’ve been thinking of my February resolution since I wrote up that blog post. I love running and so this resolution will be one I will strive for regardless of promises.

Is that truly a resolution?

Usually, a resolution is something that we want but have struggled with. This one feels akin to me promising to write about my boys every week — I already do that! Granted I’m not up to the goal I set distance-wise, but I think I need a new resolution for this month… one that will challenge me.

The biggest thing that I struggle lately is groceries. Not the shopping itself, though I hate grocery shopping, but the planning of meals and the subsequent purchases of the proper ingredients. For the rest of February, I will be working towards that 5k goal on the treadmill still, but my resolution is now to plan out at least three meals each week. I think I’ll start with a salmon stir fry.

Mmm… salmon…


(Title credits: Dar Williams, February)


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