Elusive Sandman

It’s been a long week and I know I’ve been scarce. Insomnia will do that. Mix lack of quality sleep with a week long off-site project during working hours, and Pia pretty much becomes a drone of the Man. Work, eat, sleep, toss and turn. Work, sleep, toss and turn. Eat, work, sleep, disdain the thought of food with a snarl, sleep, toss and turn.

Finally, last night, I slept. Really slept.

Maybe today, I can get back on track.

Actually, yesterday evening, I started down that track. I wrote the next two installments of CRANK and, by doing those, I bridged the current posts to the stuff I’d written a couple of months ago to prepare for The Scene. No, I didn’t write that one yet, but rather, the build up to it is starting and I’m very excited to have reached this point. I think those of you following Crandall and Mike will be pleased with the results.

Along with the insomnia was PMS of flu-like degrees. The muscle and joint ache this time around went from knees to neck and everything in between. There were points during the weekend where standing at the counter, pouring a cup of coffee hurt the small of my back worse than sleeping on a lumpy hard hotel mattress. I truly thought I was coming down with the flu Wednesday when I went to bed at 8 pm after passing out curled up in the easy chair at six.

Still, I’ll take this crap over the cramps any month of the year.

Anyway, enough of this boring hate-being-a-girl crap. I have better things to do with my time and my blog.

Let’s see. I think I owe you, dear Readers, some book-type blog posts. I haven’t been reading all that much, and one of the books I recently finished I tore apart on Twitter, so I’m not sure I should bother to repeat all of that here. I probably will, for those of you that missed my “you failed me” rant at Dean Koontz. (Now that I think of it, most of that was probably in DMs so that I wouldn’t drop any public spoilers. Oh, there will be spoilers, my pretties.)

Besides, there are two other books that I did enjoy that you need to hear about soon. As in, before I forget enough details to make a ‘review’ sound like the book reports I wrote in high school when I didn’t finish the story because I was too busy reading Koontz.

For now, I just wanted to drop by and say hello. Hello. I’m still here, still writing, and almost recovered from myself. I’m sure I’ll blog again soon.



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