Herding the Kittens in my Head

I’ve been away for a while.

I haven’t been writing at all. It’s not just the blogs, but all of my writing. I was so excited to bridge the gap between current posts and a half-dozen scenes I wrote ahead on for CRANK. I had time to write other stuff with CRANK so far ahead. With the exception of two half-written scenes, each post only needs a quick edit and a title, but otherwise, I’m set for several weeks.

Yet, I haven’t worked on Morgan’s story at all.

Morgan’s story. I don’t like the title I picked for it. I hadn’t consciously decided that until today, but it’s been clear by the way I refer to it as Morgan’s story and not by title. I’ve only done that with one other story, and that one was a conscious decision – the title is so cool that I’m keeping it a secret. Maybe it’s just ‘so cool’ to me, but that’s okay. I’m using it to help me get the story done and submitted.

I ramble. Yes.

Perhaps I’ll run a title contest. Yes. That would be fun. I have an extra copy of DARK LOVERS by JR Ward to giveaway as a prize. I bought it twice because, after reading it, I bought the box set when doing so was cheaper than individual books even if I didn’t count book one.

Rambling, yes.

Writing, no.

Gah! This is killing me. Morgan only wants to talk about Adam. Oh, and fuck Adam. Ever since he told me Adam was a handsome Latino and not a blue-eyed blond, he’s been obsessed with the fun scenes and jumping in front of the other characters, vying for all of the attention.

That happens when I hit on something important. While writing FALLEN, I struggled with the mortal character for so long that I thought the story would have to be scrapped. The man’s name changed three times before he felt right and started talking. Even then, he told me he doesn’t go by his birth name. It doesn’t matter to the story, but he developed his own character once I found who he wanted to be.

So, anyway, sorry Morgan, we have plenty of *ahem* those scenes. We need to write something angst-ridden and painful now.

See what I’m doing? I’m writing about Morgan without writing him. He’s done it again! He’s commandeered the attention!

Actually, I’m doing it intentionally, trying to bring my mind state back into the story. The antagonists need several more scenes before I can pick up where I left off with Morgan and Adam. AND I need a title I can work with!

It’s akin to herding cats.

Morgan has a cat. It was a cute little scene to write. The little hellion ended up splattered with his paints, but it did convince him to clean up his taboret and, of course, made him laugh.

Rambling again. I know. But hey, writing is writing after all, so the blog ends the dry spell. Right? Excuse me while I shackle the Muse.



One response to “Herding the Kittens in my Head

  • shadowsinstone

    I have a thought or two, but it’d be hard to be definite without seeing a brief synopsis. Fallen was easy cause I’d seen it. 🙂 I wouldn’t stress over the title until it’s finished. Then it’ll be just perfect.

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