Mistress Sniffles

I’m still in that funk.

Given that, why should I blog? I mean do you, dear Reader, really need to know (or care) that I’ve been down and out with the flu since Sunday? Will it change your day to know that I miss running when I’m sick? Do you take inspiration from my rambling efforts to bring you a list of the random novels I’ve read?

Okay, perhaps the last one, just a little bit.

That and most of you seem to enjoy the party stories. I’m not surprised there since many of you that come here also visit CRANK on a regular basis.

Oh yes, there was a party this weekend, but I’d rather bemoan this cold than compose an intelligent blog entry.

If not my sniffling nose, or my ears that want to pop, or the cough that scares the cat, then I could write about the books I’ve read since last I blogged about reading. I have four more waiting in the pile, but due to this flu crap, I’m not thinking straight enough to remember what I wanted to say about them.

Not that I’m going to bother to use that as an excuse. Morgan and Adam have been quiet. I haven’t been able to summon them even in that in between world as I fall asleep, letting my mind wander over various characters and story ideas. Even Crandall has stayed away from that realm.

I’m not pushing it. I have my rules about saying that B word. I’m not blocked. I’m unfocused and sick. When the physical symptoms pass, then I can work on the rest.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading and, now that I’m behind on my book blog entries, I might play around with creating a new boy or two. Sometimes having a fresh personality to explore can make the lazy ones come back to play. I’d hate to force them after all. I’m not that kind of mistress.



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