On Your Mark…

Hello March!

Wow, March… are you sure you’re not early?

I’m in no mood for resolutions, but then, who ever is? Let’s dive right in!

Health Goal: At first it was 5k on the treadmill, but after the month started I wanted more of a challenge, so I changed it to creating meal plans. Shortly after that change, the Hubby went on two back to back business trips, and I find little need for planning for one. After his trips, the flu hit. Yeah, I’m making excuses, but I still call this month a success.

Success? Yes, that’s what I said.

Thanks to my wonderful Mom, I found SparkPeople.com. At first, I bitched and whined about the site, because it’s very busy and cluttered, but I’ve since found some useful tools there. I track the food I eat; create loose meal plans; remind myself to run, strength train, eat my veggies, and try new recipes.

I’m not planning every meal, but I haven’t ordered a pizza yet, nor have I lost veggies behind takeout cartons in the fridge. We’re off to a great start on this and – the best part – it’s not that difficult.

PS. Yes, I did hit 5k on the treadmill. The first day back to the gym after a week off for the flu, and I pulled off ½ mile intervals with 1-2 minute fast walk breaks for a total of 3.25 miles. Yeah, baby. I just might sign up for a Spring road race after all.

Writing Goal: Right, not really writing per se, but reading. Reading is essential to writing. I know, I say that a lot. It’s true. Sometimes I need the reminder because it’s so easy to think of reading as an activity for free time, but let’s face it – who really has true free time?

I finished a couple of books sitting around half-read. I restarted one ebook, NIGHTFALL, that I had been trying to read on the computer. While I got farther along this time, finally having an e-reader for it, I had new issues since PDF files have such small text on the Kindle. The other Kindle read, FAKING IT, isn’t as exciting as I expected. Let’s face it, I’m a purist when it comes to books. I’d rather the actual book. I like the reader, however, for certain purposes. For example, it will be convenient vacations where I can read four books in a week on the beach, and for those darling M/M books that are either ebook only or come out in electronic format before print. Plus, I loved editing my own stuff on it. Super convenient for that.

In lieu of the ebooks I had meant to read, I did read extra “real” books. Some have been written up already and the rest are in the blog queue, waiting for me to put the finishing touch on my thoughts on each. Perhaps later this week, I’ll post another book summary for your reading pleasures.

So this brings us to March. Spring. Longer days. Leaves budding on trees. What shall we work on this month?

Health Goal: Continue the meal planning started in February. It was only the last week of the month that this came together, so I’m not considering it a permanent change just yet. It has been fun so far and my stomach has only been disappointed once – last night, when I used up all my fat grams in putting too much cheese on my baked potato. Yes, it was too much, I would’ve been satisfied with half that amount.

So, March, let’s solidify this meal tracking and planning game, and perhaps even draw up the focus on exercising regularly. Sure, we can run now, but we’re not running three times a week, or anything steady. March will be the month of etching good habits already started into stone.

Writing Goal: I want to continue the reading aspect of this, and yet, my word count has been low the past couple of weeks, so while I do intend to read more, I must refocus this month’s goal to actual writing. Morgan’s story has been floundering around – he’s whoring about and having fun in my head while the tension and pain of the story wandered off, bored. I don’t know that I will finish the story this month, but I think I can get damn close to a first draft by the end of March. If I try. If I focus.

Where did that focus go off to again?



One response to “On Your Mark…

  • Andrew Wolter

    I hope you can get through that lengthy work of mine called NIGHTFALL. Hopefully, you won’t have to read it all from your computer screen! Let me know what you think of it (once you’ve completed it).

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