Run Desire Run

For the first time since (I’m guessing) the early to mid 80s, I ran outside today. Well, not running, per se, more of a jog-walk-jog-walk thing, but the effort was there. As I suspected, it was much harder to run outside than on the treadmill.

For one, the hills around my home are more varied than any fiddling I’ve done on the treadmill incline button. Second, the treadmill paces me and, without the floor moving under my feet, I started out (I think) too quick. Third, hello windy spring day. I liked the light, cool breeze, until I was running into it and it whipped around my sunglasses, stinging my eyes. Lastly, I did not try to carry water with me. On the treadmill, I drink only when I slow to walk, but yes, my throat gets dry. While a camel unit came to mind, I don’t know if I want to be running down the road with a water backpack.

I’m not giving up. No way. I will need to go about it a little differently. This week I’ll run out to the store and pick up some outside running shoes (there’s still a lot of mud and street salt out there) and a sports watch so I can pace myself better. I’m not sure what to do about the water yet, but I’ll think on it. Perhaps just a tiny bottle? Suggestions are welcome, as always.


(Title Credit: The Hollow, A Perfect Circle)


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