Update: Morgan and Crandall

Wow, it’s been a week since I’ve blogged. The paying job has been so busy during the past couple of weeks that I haven’t had the time to read or write as I used to. I am accustomed to writing during office hours where I almost always have the time to kill. Not only have I not had the time during the working day, but the job has been mentally sucking me dry so that when I get home I have little if any creative energy.

It’ll pass. I’m not complaining. This job cycles: We go from bored out of our skulls to busy as fuck and then back to bored. There is no way to space it out better. It is the nature of the business. Until we get back to bored however I may not blog as often as you may be used to.

Enough on that.

This morning I’ve been working on Morgan’s story. I’m about 25k into it so I’ve typed up a side-by-side outline/synopsis/whatever you want to call it to sure I’m keeping the story in some semblance of order and to help me figure out where to insert the antagonist scenes. The bad guys were created after the romance story arc was mostly complete, so now I have to go through and insert the story of these villains before we can tie everything up at the end in a big nasty heart-pounding scene.

Looking at the calendar, I doubt I’ll have a full draft done by the end of the month. The above mentioned mind-draining work weeks can be blamed for that, but I won’t whine or make excuses. I knew it was a tough goal when I set it. I’m still trying for that and every scene is one scene closer to being done, even if I’m a week or two later than I want to be.

In other writing news, I have and endgame sketched out for CRANK. As I said before, these boys will have one-year story arcs – complete stories, beginning, middle, and end. It won’t truly be the end though. I already have plans percolating for a year two story arc. Having that endgame in mind should help me focus on upcoming scenes. This is how I’ve been writing for years. First I start characters, have some fun, and pick a story. About halfway through said story, I stop and outline what has happened and what still needs to occur and then I write the last chapter. Once the end is locked in, I go back and fill in the rest.

CRANK won’t be quite that well defined. Spacing out scenes in this twice weekly posting format gives me a lot of time to fiddle and experiment before big reveals are posted. For example, Mike’s current situation wasn’t a part of the original plan, but with some time to mull on the characters, I decided to give Ash a little more attention. He just might play a role in the year two arc, but I wouldn’t really give out any such spoilers.

Thanks for reading my babbling, rambling update. I must get back to Morgan and Crandall now. Have a great week, dear Readers!



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