Done. Mostly. No Foolin’.



“I’m a mid-spring snowfall, joke’s on you
I’m an April Fool for you”

Actually, I loathe this day. I don’t like surprises much, especially ones that are jokes at my (or other people’s) expense. I do like that song though – April Fool by Soul Asylum. That was a good album.

So the first of the month means it’s time to face the music – the resolution music.

Health: Meal plans be damned. The auto generated meal plans on were a great way to remind me how to eat healthier, but following a menu every meal and every day just isn’t me. The attempt wasn’t a complete failure however. Working with those meal plans I came up with new favorite meals. Instead of ordering pizza, I stop at the store for salmon and sweet potatoes. Instead of potato chips while waiting for dinner to cook, I eat raisins or a kid-sized yogurt cup.

I don’t need to resist the big endcap sale on my favorite chips anymore. I barely notice them when I’m craving salmon seasoned with that big green canister of Cajun spices. Oh, I’m sure I’ll have my moments of weakness (I didn’t need to eat those Milk Duds even though I had the room in the calorie count for them) but for now, I’m feeling good about the changes I’ve made.

Writing: Done! Done! Done!

Yes, I’m a bit excited about that one. I knew I’d have to push to get Morgan’s story done in March. Technically, it’s not truly finished. There are some missing bad guy scenes, but since the demons are being used to slow down the romance arc, I’m not concerned. I have stuff sketched out for them so that as I write up the synopsis, I’ll fit those parts in where the pacing needs some additional control. That was the plan all along so here’s a big check mark for March. Done!


Now, onward. April. Nothing.

Yes, you heard me: Nothing. With a trip to Vegas coming up and running into troubles called shin splints from pushing too hard in March, April will be a maintenance month. I’ll continue the good habits I’ve started and I’ll write my butt off. Then, at the end of the month, I’ll spend a week in Vegas. What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas. If I fall off the healthy life wagon, I’ll admit it. No one’s perfect, but I’m going to try damn hard to keep some focus this month. We’ll resume with the monthly torture resolutions in May.



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