Quickie from Vegas

You would think without the Day Job to distract me, I’d have time to blog. I haven’t even done much on the fiction writing front besides keeping up with CRANK. Hey, I’m on vacation, right? Each time I take a week off of work, I tell myself I’m going to write like crazy. It’s only worked out that way once. That one time was when I was working on FALLEN and the deadline for the antho I wanted to sub to was looming. I need the pressure. I need a deadline. Self-imposed deadlines don’t work so well.

Anyway, I’m not blogging to bellyache. It’s one of those things that will end up in a Resolution blog entry some day. I know it’s a personal character flaw and I’m biding my time before I truly address it.

So what have I been up to this week?

Shit,  a whole bunch!

Coming up for my dear Readers:

~ Book reviews for DEMON TAILZ by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod, PLAY DEAD by Mike Arnzen, BLOOD BOUND by Patricia Briggs.

~ Books to finish by Scott Nicholson, Kait Nolan, Lewis Carroll, and Ally Blue

~ Freebie fiction by Zathyn Priest and JM Snyder

~ A half-dozen different restaurants between the Venetian and the Palazzo

~ A review of Zumanity. Oh. Em. Gee. Amazing show!

~ And a bunch of other Vegas stuff. It’s not true… it doesn’t ALL stay in Vegas. Stay tuned, dear Readers. Details to follow.



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