Leaving Las Vegas

Vegas. What’s there to say? I mean, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right?

Hah! You know me better than that!

Actually, compared with the stuff I write, I expect my Vegas trip would disappoint most of you. On the other hand, when the uptight folks at the office asked about Zumanity, I’m sure I saw a couple blush and/or pale. Well, yes, that IS why I told them about it. Evil of me? Maybe. They need to learn.

So let’s see. Our flight was at 6 am Sunday morning. I left Vegas at 11pm the following Sunday. The red eye flight is aptly named. I don’t know why I thought I’d sleep on the plane. I don’t do that. I get restless. Exhausted but unable to sleep, I get cranky. I elbowed the snoring guy next to me once and he didn’t realize it was me that woke him. Hey, I couldn’t be the only one awake now could I?

There are a lot of little things I’d probably mention if I let myself ramble today. For example, at one point I was up $500 on the penny slots. I couldn’t say exactly how much I ended up with but I think I covered the Hubby’s losses on the slots. On poker, we’ll wait and see since he’s still there for a convention.

My favorite part of the trip was meeting @Wookiesgirl and @FlyGirl314. By the time Friday rolled around, both the Hubby and I had had our fill of the city that never sleeps, but then these two adorable ladies arrived that night and we pushed through, laughing and drinking and having a great (but tiring) time.

The girls left Sunday after breakfast and my flight out wasn’t until late, so the Hubby and I cashed in our slot points and then sat at a bar drinking Patron and pineapple and talking about how fun it would be if we could fly out to Arizona for New Year’s. It’s far from official, because getting time off around that date is a big pain in the arse, but I have the calendar marked and I’m holding my breath like a two year old in full tantrum mode.

Besides penny slots and a wonderful weekend visit, there was a lot of walking around, exploring the various casinos, a lot of eating and drinking, and, of course, Zumanity. Oh fuck, Zumanity. I’ve seen plenty of commercials for various Cirque du Soleil shows so I had an idea of what I was getting into. This one was specifically recommended by my hairdresser after he had gone on and on about the city in general and how much fun (and sex) he and his boyfriend had on their vacation.

Zumanity mixed the beauty of dance with the raw sexuality that is humanity. Note that I said sexual and not sensual. Sure, it was sensual, but it was sexual first. Deliciously so. This is not for the shy or even the slightly open-minded. You must love sex, lust, and bawdy humor to enjoy Zumanity, and if you do, you will. I laughed out loud. I threw out catcalls. I gaped in awe and squirmed with pleasure. Zumanity was love and lust in motion.

Work is creeping in and you really don’t need to know exactly how many Patron and pineapple drinks I had, so I’m cutting this off here and now. Perhaps I’ll come back and add more about the Palazzo. I should really. It was a great hotel – comfortable room, good smoke eaters in the casino, and I ended up with $140 in free slot play throughout the week, not to mention a couple of decent returns on those pennies. Plus the Palazzo was attached to the Venetian which housed the Aqua Knox (serving two-for-one Patron every afternoon) and had the prettier boys in the casino.



One response to “Leaving Las Vegas

  • Wookiesgirl

    I LOVED MEETING YOU AND HUBBY!!!! I hope hope hope you two can come out here for New Years!
    I miss you already girl! *HUGS*

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