CRANK it up!

As I write ahead on CRANK, excited to reach the big finale, I’ve also been thinking on the next story arc. As I’ve said all along, I intend to wrap up this current story this summer (probably July). Once that’s done, I’ll be taking a month or two off to fine-tune the next story arc. Then, we’ll start all over again, twice a week, as you like it.

This is where you, dear Readers, come in. I need your feedback. I’ve received some great comments already but now it’s time for me to collect all the thoughts in one place and see what may be viable for the next round. Already in place (and hinted at within current chapters) is the main story arc, as well as one or two subplots, but there’s plenty of room to tweak things and bring you more of what you crave.

Now here’s the problem. I’ve heard it all. More smut. Less smut. Faster progress. Love the slow building tension. More details on vampires. Take out the paranormal. More secrets and plot twists. More action. You get it.

Despite the conflicting responses, I do enjoy every comment I receive and I consider every one. This being said, I shouldn’t have to remind you that if you don’t speak up, then you’re not heard. It’s not a reader’s choice. Just because what you want has the most votes doesn’t mean it’ll happen. I’m looking for feedback, and I want to entertain CRANK’s audience, but I also know what the major plot arcs are and sometimes what is requested won’t fit in because of that which has yet to be revealed. Still, feedback can influence quite a bit even when an outline is already laid down. So don’t be shy. Speak up. Do it anonymously if you wish. Try the poll, or better yet, leave a comment, and if you’re an overachiever, do both.

I am writing not just for my own demanding Muse, but for you, dear Readers. Without you, I’d be talking to myself… and isn’t that a bit insane?



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