Trivia or Trivial. A New Resolution.

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SparkPeople trivia is frustrating me again. Not the score – though I got a measly 33% today – I’ve accepted that my trivia score will remain in the mid 60s unless I research the question online, and that feels like cheating. I do enjoy (most of the time) reading the explanations for each question. (I think) I’ve learned a lot through those.

So, about that ‘most of the time’ comment…

Today, one of the questions was about building muscle mass for women. The explanation to the answer hurts. I miss the summer days when I could wear tank tops proudly, showing off rounded shoulders and that sexy cut to the bicep. I wasn’t bulky, but very toned.

I’ve been strength training since I joined up with SparkPeople because I want that look back. I’ve been taking the measurements of arms along with waist, hips, and thighs. I want to see the subtle changes in my arms as I strive for that tank top goal. So far, my arms have remained at the same 11.5 inches. I’ve told myself not to get frustrated because muscles weigh more than fat and it’s probably changing from fat to muscle. I’ve lost a couple of pounds now, but that arm measurement is still the same.

“You’re working on it,” I tell myself. “You’re trying.” Then, “Now don’t skip the gym today, just because it’s Monday and it’s going to be a busy, busy Monday.”

I felt like I was fooling myself even before I saw today’s trivia explanation:

“In fact, since muscle takes up less room than fat, women tend to lose inches when they strength train. So in addition to the physical benefits (increased metabolism, decreased risk of osteoporosis, increased strength), strength training will help you slim down too!”

Damn it. It would seem I’m not very effective at strength training. I’m not getting that effect at all.

I admit, I’m far from perfect at this stuff. I’ve gone over my fat content twice this week, even though I haven’t gone over the calories more than once. I walked so much in Vegas that I didn’t gain any weight despite all the tequila we enjoyed. I go to the gym twice a week and try to squeeze in a home workout once on the weekends. I know I need to do more, but I’m focused on not missing those days.

Time has been the enemy. I want to work out. I want to cook healthy meals. I want to write these stories that are screaming in my head. After working eight hours, I don’t have time for all of that before bed. Even my reading time has slimmed down a lot and still, if I go to the gym, I don’t write much that day. I’m struggling to make both exercise and the Muse work together but they have very different schedules.

This is my new resolution: To find a way to make my exercise and writing time more efficient. Or, perhaps, it should be to make my non writing/workout times more efficient so that I can borrow from that?

I want those shoulders and I want to publish this year. Everything else is second priority, starting now.


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