“If you can ignore the gay…”

She said, “If you can ignore the gay parts, it’s pretty good.”

Excuse me??

I know it’s just a TV show she’s talking about, but it’s not. She’s making a statement against a lifestyle that doesn’t affect her one bit. So why waste so much time hating on it? Why?

Right or wrong, it doesn’t matter – to her. It’s none of her business!

One of these days I’m going to flip out about those off-handed and hateful comments, and I’ll be the one that looks bad as I come undone. It won’t change her, but maybe it’ll open one more mind to accept people for who they are.


“It’s a shame on you the irony’s lost / When you come undone.”

(Placebo, Come Undone)


One response to ““If you can ignore the gay…”

  • Carrie Clevenger

    If you can replace “gay” with “female” or “black” and not come across as offensive, then you’re OK. You should probably point that out to someone I would probably spit on, to be honest. Hatred is not welcome.

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