Rough Day

I just wrote, and then deleted, a lengthy blog entry about my day yesterday. It started with a crisis of faith (personal faith because you all know me better than to think I’m getting religious) and ended with a Frankenstein mess of computer equipment, loose wires, and tears.

The tears didn’t come until the Hubby asked if I was okay. I don’t blame him. I went from talking a fellow gamer into getting drunk and giving his blood to the vampiric skeleton coachman in exchange for a ride to the portal out of the undead realm to shaking with panic as I pieced together the remnants of his computer system to make mine work. It took an hour and a very sick, acidic stomach, but I recovered the missing file that threw me into that frenzy. The gamer survived but swore off alcohol.

I used to think that backing stuff up online, on the desktop, and on a flash drive was a tad anal retentive. Now, I don’t think it’s enough. The problem was, when I did the last back up, I didn’t realize the file in question was already MIA. How it disappeared is still a mystery, but thankfully Dropbox never actually deletes anything, so all is (now) well.

For all my Twitter followers, I want to give you a special shoutout for talking me through yesterday morning and for the few still around last night, I now have that file backed up in twice as many places and, yes, it is actually there this time.

Because I’m feeling so good after yesterday’s crash and burn, I’m going to give away a book. Sadly, not mine. I’d have to publish something first, but still, free is free. Right?

I won’t bore you with the story about how I ended up with two copies of DARK LOVER by JR Ward, but I’m giving away the second, unread copy. There are only two requirements to be eligible for this free book. Easy huh?

1) Leave a comment. How else can I know you want it?

2) Check back at some future time to see if you won. I won’t chase you down if you don’t claim it. Sorry, I’m already booked up for that time.

For my review of this book, click here: “Bite Me, Lover”

Happy Friday, dear Readers. Thanks for visiting!



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