No Time for Titles

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” ~Douglas Adams

Here we are, almost month’s end. Where did May go?

I’m feigning shock because I haven’t done a damn thing about this month’s resolution. In fact, I forgot I made one until an hour ago. As you may have guessed, that’s a big, fat FAIL.

It was a long-shot to begin with. Me, Miss Chaotic Nature herself, trying to better plan my time… Laughable!

Alas, I will be punished for it. The WIP I’ve mentioned repeatedly on Twitter, SUMMER LUST, was intended for an antho call next month. (I think mid-June-ish, but I can’t be bothered to look it up at the moment.) It’s not finished. Let me clarify: The first draft isn’t even halfway done.

Yeah, great time management, Pia!

Instead of working on the first deadline, I spent half of my nice, quiet Saturday working on a synopsis for CRANK. While this will be necessary to dive into the second story arc, and it will be necessary to rewrite the blog in novel format, it is not required THIS MONTH. Granted, it’s been on my To-Do list for ages, but still, why must I suddenly dive into that time-sucking project three weeks before a due date? Why do I sabotage myself?

Morgan, another potential novella, is collecting dust. I made a grand decision to pull most of the paranormal aspects out of it and go with a more contemporary feel. That is, after the first draft was completed. Now, in all fairness, the demons didn’t show up until halfway through the first draft, so they’re being pulled because they feel tacked on, but still… FOCUS PIA!

Ugh, you know I hate reading whiny blogs. I’m not going for whiny today, but I do need to hold myself accountable. I have no one and nothing to blame but myself for this month’s wasted time. I will work on this. I can’t afford to dick around with stuff that I won’t be trying to publish, or worse, random website surfing. I need to slap my own wrists and force my Muse to work on what I need her to work on.

Starting now….

I mean, starting in five minutes, so I can post this entry and check the M/M book review site for freebie contests.



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