Writing Words and Stuff

I’m due for a writing update and yet I have nothing to add. I have no excuses other than lack of discipline. Sure I could blame mood, or energy level, or other distractions, but I won’t. It’s all on me and I know that. Next step, do something about it. Okay, maybe later.

SUMMER LUST isn’t going to be ready for the antho deadline, but I’ve already decided I don’t want to send it to that call. Anthos publish only a small, small percentage of actual stories received, and since they have themes, all the stories are the same. They’re not, the same that is, but it feels like a set up for failure. Yes, I know that out of regular submissions outside of calls only a small, small percentage actually get published, but I still have this weird feeling about anthologies. I never claimed to be a logical personal, nor will I ever attempt such a feat.

Morgan’s still untitled story has collected even more dust. I’m still torn between keeping the demons in it and taking them out. Both versions are viable, but the latter feels more right to me. It is also the version with more work involved to reach a quality draft. I miss that boy, however, so I’m hoping next month we’ll drag him out for a spin around town and see who he whores around with the most.

CRANK is close to wrapping up. A month ago I was excited about this. I need the break, without a doubt. Look at all the excuses above this paragraph and you’ll understand. At the same time, I don’t want the break. I love these two boys and they’re coming into their own nicely. The break might be as short as two weeks, though I may force myself to take a full month off. CRANK II (yeah, it needs a better name than “II”) is roughly outlined – very rough – but I have enough to dive in, and that is more than I had when I started this project in the first place. Hey, I never expected it to go this far or be this interesting to my dear Readers. Round two deserves a bit of planning!

As a side note, the original CRANK posts will be removed once CRANK II starts up. It is my intention and my hope to rewrite CRANK in novel format so that you, dear Readers, can pop the boys onto your reading devices and enjoy their sexiness over and over again. Don’t fall behind in these last pages. You don’t want to miss a single kiss!



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