Staking the Crossroads

I haven’t been getting many hits on this blog lately. I thought it might be the book reviews because those never get comments, but now that I look at the stats, only the flash fiction gets any major hits and rarely does anything but the #FridayFlash stuff get comments.

That’s fine, really. I like to blog because, for me, writing is cathartic. If no one reads, then I’ll still write, but I’ll write in a private format so I don’t have to waste so much time editing my words. After all, if I’m the only audience, why should I care about the typos? I’ll focus on the purging and subsequent reflection instead, and free up time for other pursuits, like running outside, away from the computer. Besides, I’ve pulled away from personal posts simply because between updates on my frivolous attempt to write something of quality and the mini reviews of all those freebie short stories, I don’t have room for many personal entries. I don’t want to post daily, or more than twice a week, because you all have better things to do with your time as it is.

This leaves me with a decision to make. What do I want to do with this blog? I suppose I’ll keep it going simply for the writing updates. I need to be held accountable, even if only a small handful of people take an interest. Though, at the same time, making myself blog about my hits and misses doesn’t seem to be inspiring me to work harder. Hmm…

Regardless, I’m not making a decision yet. I’m simply musing on the trend (or lack thereof) that I noticed this morning. I’ll now shift my focus to dwell on some flash fiction so I can write Friday, or maybe I’ll skip that and focus on the current WIP that feels like it’s moving along though if I think too hard about it, it looks stagnant.

As I reread this post, preparing to hit publish, I think of a blog I wrote recently on another site. I reflected on how the audience there would play along and “get” the self-depreciating humor while those here… well, let’s see what those here do.



2 responses to “Staking the Crossroads

  • Kait Nolan

    It’s always hit or miss with blogging. I’ve definitely had an uptick in hits since I started the indie publishing thing, and that seems to generally be what gets the most response from readers. Is it because it’s controversial? Because they want to see how I’m doing on my current path to publication? I don’t know. I’m just kinda still plugging away, trying to make sure I have mostly quality content. If the Flash Friday is your big draw, I’d definitely keep it up!

  • christel42

    My apologies. I read your blog roughly once a week. I simply do not always comment. I used to comment constantly, and then got tired of it, so I stopped. Most often, I’m at the office, so I’m lucky if I can sneak a peek at blogs. I read Cran obsessivly, but come over here for the reality. I’ll make a point to comment more, so you know I’m paying attention.

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