A Scattering of Words

There is so much I wish to talk about today, but I’m not ready to do so. My mind is distracted, but I don’t have enough information – or maybe because I don’t have enough information, my mind is distracted. Either way, it’s out of my hands for the moment. I have work to do.

A friend came out of the closet this weekend while another may need to but hasn’t yet figured out why he’s not happy. While I have no issue with writing about taboo subjects such as gay, bi, and transgender identity, I’ve often held back when it comes to personal lives of friends and family. Sure, none of you actually know these two people, so it wouldn’t truly matter, but these are friends who are struggling and while for me writing is cathartic and helps me work through muddled thoughts, I still feel it’s not my place to blog about someone else’s struggles.

On the writing front, I have the same feeling – wanting to blog, but not having the words to do so. I’m not ready. There are things I want to address when it comes to my queer fiction, but tone of voice is an important thing that I don’t have today. I also have a scattering of thoughts without a concise connection between them. It’s there; it simply hasn’t manifested in my cluttered mind yet.

There will be more mini reviews later this week. I have a small CRANK update in mind, but since I added a bit more since I originally wrote the finale, I’m waiting to see if the Muse will interfere again before I write it. Stand by, dear Readers, I need to steamroll the distractions in my life and then quality writing will resume.



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