CRANK announcement

Oh Gods, it’s actually happening. It’s true, Wednesday’s CRANK was a wrap-up chapter. This Sunday’s post will be the last in this story arc. Note: THIS arc, there will be a new arc soon, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

I can’t help but think back on these two boys and feel pride and amazement at how far they have come. When I set up the CRANK blog and posted that first scene of introverted Crandall singing in the grocery store, I never thought it’d come this far. For some it was Crandall’s abrasive personality, for others, it was Mike’s undying crush, and of course, for most of you, it was also the smut, and the tension of building up to that first time.

A year later, I’m still surprised that Crandall started as a quickly thrown together example for a blog on character creation. He was never meant for a story at the time I created him. He took less than thirty seconds of my time, and then he sat there in that blog, doing nothing for months. It wasn’t until I was restless one day, browsing through that old blog to see if anything was worth saving before deleting it, that I thought to let him play and see if he could shed that sample character title. Wow, look at what he’s become!

Yes, yes, I did say there’s more and the fans of CRANK want to know what to expect after Sunday. I love you all for your dedication. While I may bemoan this very blog (I’d rather write smut than write about me. I’m boring!) I know that there are many more readers of CRANK. You’re out there reading about an obnoxious redhead and a drummer with obscene patience, and there are a lot of you. Thank you! THANK YOU!!

As of this Sunday, CRANK will be on hiatus. It is, without a doubt, just a break that should end sooner rather than later. While I haven’t set a date (remember me, I don’t ‘get’ organization) I expect to be posting the first chapter of the second story arc mid to late July. Unlike when I started the original CRANK, I know the major plotline already and I know a couple of minor supporting plots that will hint at and lead into the third arc. There is a plan in place and this hiatus runs no risk of becoming longer, or worse, permanent.

In the meantime, you won’t be without. Mike has agreed to a character interview here on this blog, and Crandall is begrudgingly considering doing the same. If another blogger would like to interview either boy (or myself) we are free for the first couple of weeks of July, if not the full month.

I don’t want to end this. It feels so final even though I know there is more to come very soon. I hope the readers of CRANK feel the same (and I suspect they do). Mike and Crandall will be back. So will Inertia Stand, and the boys of The Dancing Crane.

Thank you, every one of you, for reading and supporting me on this webfiction experiment. I’m glad I tried it and I’m thrilled you loved it. The next story arc leads into a third, so you have two good solid years of this before I even need to consider new plot and, by then, I suspect Mike will have some suggestions of his own. Enjoy the ride, my friends, I know I have and will continue to do so.


PS For interview requests, or if you’re a reader that would like to be on an email list for future announcements, please contact me at The email list will be for CRANK announcements only, and will only be scrawled on the bathroom walls of the most discriminating gay bars.


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