Not the Crank

Today we have a special guest in the house. I had so much fun interviewing Kait Nolan about her book, that I decided to interview another indy author, Michael Vranken. Welcome, Mike!

Mike: I wouldn’t call me an author, but thanks.

Me: No? You’ve gathered an impressive following through your blog, CRANK.

Mike: There are a handful of faithful and regular readers.

Me: But?

Mike: I didn’t set out to be a writer. It was just an experiment in venting. I wanted to talk about things I couldn’t talk about. You know?

Me: I do. How about Crandall? What was his purpose for participating in your experiment? Or should we wait for him to arrive?

Mike: [laughs] You’ll be waiting a long time. On my way out the door, he refused to come.

Me: He does seem to be a bit… stubborn, yet you two have been friends for…?

Mike: Two years, and you can say it – he’s sometimes obnoxious. He knows it. I know it. We don’t hedge.

Me: Yet you stuck it out for two years.

Mike: Underneath Crank earning the nickname is Crandall. We get along. We have a friendship deeper than the abrasive personality he shows strangers. Our music is more important than some of the weird things he says when everyone else would bite their tongues.

Me: And then there’s the great sex?

Mike: The sex is good, yes.

Me: Are you blushing? You wrote about it after all.

Mike: I did, and yes, I am. It was such a sticky subject between us that it seemed like cheating to gloss over the so-called explicit material in writing the story.

Me: Your fans appreciate that.

Mike: Crandall says we have a bunch of pervs following the blog, but he’s got enough porn on his computer to sink the Titanic. Again.

Me: Will that level of… detail continue into the next story?

Mike: There will be some changes but that will not be one of them. We like sex. The readers like sex. It works.

Me: What changes should the readers expect?

Mike: I’ll be adding to the story every Sunday going forward. Twice a week got to be too distracting. I need to stop and refocus my efforts on the, um, paranormal side of my life.

Me: The vampires.

Mike: Yes. Crandall has jumped right in and submerged himself in the training lessons. I’ve been lazy until now, doing this for so long. Training with him has made me realize I’m slow and soft. I’ll be picking up the pace while teaching him.

Me: Then that will be a focus of the next story?

Mike: The theme won’t change. It’s still about Crandall and me. The vampires are… Let’s just say they’re a catalyst to too much to be left out.

Me: The vampire craze helps too.

Mike: [rolls his eyes] Frankly, I hate that part of it. Anyone coming to the blog looking for romantic, friendly vampires is going to be sorely disappointed. They’re not like that, not even a little bit. They’d snap the neck of any self-dubbed ‘fangbanger’ in an instant. No one would ever get a chance to profess adoration, let alone the other weird stuff this craze has inspired in people. Vampires are vicious, blood-thirsty monsters and that’s that.

Me: Blood Moon?

Mike: A temporary anomaly at best. I have no doubt that those same vampires hunt and kill just like every other that I’ve staked. They manage to be civil for short periods of time and that only shows that they can behave long enough to pay the rent. Nothing more.

Me: Your passion is clear. I admit, I’m interested in learning more about the vampires. Will I be disappointed?

Mike: You’ll learn. You’ll see their true colors from the safety of the pages of the blog.

Me: It’s been a pleasure, Mike. Thank you for dropping by today. Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers before we go?

Mike: [shrugs] I expect to have the blog restarted in two weeks. As it stands right now, it’ll be at the same URL as the original, but with its own Table of Contents tab for those readers who are fully caught up on the first story.

Me: That would be

Mike: Yes, thank you.

Me: No, thank you for chatting with me today.

Mike is available to interview for the next two weeks. If you’re interested, drop me an email and I’ll make the arrangements. Crandall may or may not be available, depending on his mood.



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