With two weeks left in July, I stepped back last night to grade my progress on a few things. It’s been a damn hot month, but my running program has been doing very well. I’ve been finding ways around the heat – running in the woods, running first thing in the morning during weekends, returning to the ho-hum boredom of running on the treadmill. Hey the treadmill wouldn’t be so bad if there was some eye candy at the local gym.

I’ve been slack on my barefoot running (BFR), but with good intentions. Running in shoes, I get shin splints if I push to hard. In bare feet, it’s blisters. I know better than to run on fresh blisters, so I take more rest days from the BFR than from regular running. Too many rest days means much slower progress. Too slow. At the same time I started tracking my writing efforts, I bought a new notebook to track the running. I had been logging my miles online, and while I like the reports available on that website, I like the notebook for quick skims through the past few weeks, so I do both.

OCD much? Yeah, I know.

Anyway, I do intend to increase my BFR time and continue to hold steady on the rest. I hit three miles on the treadmill without a walk break last night. I want to do that consistently. The treadmill helps – no hills and a steady pace – so the only challenge I’m allowing for the rest of July is to repeat that outdoors. No pressure. Ha!

On the writing front, the notebook is helping. I don’t want to have to write down “Friday: nothing.” Now that I’m getting back into the habit of forcing myself to work every day, I need to take those daily notes and figure out how to be more efficient with my writing time. For example, I had several days last week where I was handwriting Adam’s story. Adam’s story doesn’t need to be written right now. I need to edit Morgan’s story first since he’s the reason Adam even has his own story.

In other words, just because I’m writing/editing every day, doesn’t mean I’m moving forward. That is the next step, dear Readers. I want to move forward. I didn’t even receive a form rejection from the last place that read Fallen, but it’s out again. It’s not as good as Morgan’s story and it’s not as good as Summer Lust, so I need to get those stories edited and submitted, preferably quickly.

I’m working on it. I really am. I’ve been plugging away at a new scene for Summer Lust over the past couple of evenings. I needed to add this scene to solidify the character flaw that propels the story forward. (Or maybe that keeps the story from flying to the end too quickly. You know how pesky those character flaws can be!)

In fact, I’m going to sign off now because I stuff the first few chapters of Morgan’s story in my blog’s draft folder just so I could work on it in the office. They block my flash drive. They block my Dropbox. They have yet to block my blog… Knock on wood!


PS Speaking of writing M/M, CRANK will resume on August 1st. I hope you’re as excited as I am!


One response to “Refocusing

  • Carrie Clevenger

    I’m really excited about your exercise kick, err run. I can’t run at all (bad knees + previous surgery) but I can walk my…ass off! Yeah! One thing I love about working at night. It’s never hot and that my friend is very, very cool.

    Me = size 8!!!

    Keep up the good work. Get those stories done and submitted. 😉

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