Goals and Dreams, The Next Steps

I’m stepping out of the box a little today. Instead of setting one resolution for August, I’m going to outline the next four months. I know, I know. There aren’t any Horsemen in the sky. We’ll be okay.

I do intend to follow through with my original comment in the last blog post – tracking what I work on day-to-day. On top of that, I’ve already promised a couple of beta readers a story by the end of August. I hope to have SUMMER LUST ready for review by the 15th, but definitely no later than the 31st.

Next up, I want to finish editing Morgan’s untitled story. I’d like to get this one to beta readers by October 9th, but if need be I’ll take until the 24th, giving me one full week of October unassigned.

That last week will be for sketching out an outline for … something. I haven’t decided which characters to write next, but I want to have an outline ready by the end of October to experiment with NaNoWriMo. I didn’t finish last year, but I had some troubles with story content and other duties creeping up. This year, I have more time to prepare for it and, more importantly, get my head into the story I want to write. I need to know the boys very well to write that quickly. Preparation is key.

Lastly, For August and October when there may be extra weeks available, I’ll write ahead in CRANK as much as possible so that each week I only need to work on edits. This will buy me more time to get these two stories and the NaNo project done. Even if I don’t get those extra days, CRANK fans will not be disappointed. I adore every one of you and the boys won’t be neglected, so don’t worry about my schedule, because you have priority.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I don’t want to set unrealistic goals and then blow them all off when I realize I don’t have time to do everything. Writing time at the office is a huge variable, and I won’t give up my running routine to make a deadline. Not a self-imposed deadline anyway, but if an editor wants to offer something… I love deadlines!


PS Interested in beta reading? You should be able to stomach CRANK’s level of explicit behavior, but you don’t need a lick of writing experience to read and give intelligent feedback.

Email if you’re interested: piathewriter@gmail.com


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