Publishing: Fallen

So yeah, it happened. I’m still bouncing between numb and a muffled excitement. FALLEN will be published in October by Silver Publishing and part of me keeps thinking it’s just a bad practical joke. The other part of me keeps nudging me to let out an excited squeal, but that part is also anxious to get SUMMER LUST edited and out to the darling volunteer beta readers.

And so life goes on. It has to, really. Besides SL, I have one other story ready to be edited. I’m funneling the high of FALLEN into those two stories to get them ready to send out. I am excited. Very excited. I don’t, however, show it very well.

I felt like a dork when I realized almost a week after the offer half of my Twitter following hadn’t heard about the acceptance. I mentioned it once. Yeah, only once. How lame! Right? I didn’t want to be obnoxious about it and so I overcompensated. It certainly wasn’t due to lack of being absolutely thrilled that someone saw the beauty of this story that brings tears to my eyes every time I ran through edits.

I’m rambling now, or close to it. So to make a long story short, I am thrilled that FALLEN will be released by Silver Publishing this fall. The tentative release date is October 16th and from what I’ve seen so far from everyone – my editor, the cover artist, and the other authors – SP is great at setting a quick schedule and sticking to it. I’ll post updates as I get them because I may have let people miss the original news of acceptance, but I wouldn’t let anyone miss that it’s actually available and for sale.



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