Smoke a Fag

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I shouldn’t write when I’m cranky, but I am going to anyway because I need to vent.

I hate the word ‘faggot’. I don’t care if you giggle after you say it and tell me it’s okay because your gay friend doesn’t object when you call him that, I still find it offensive.

“You know I’m just kidding with you,” he said.

“No, I don’t,” I replied. “And, it’s still hateful.”

“It’s not.”

“It is. Your homophobia is clear.” I said this while meeting his gaze directly (something I rarely make myself do).

He continued to argue until I realized I was making no headway. Sometimes, for our own sanity, we have to let them go. Maybe later, sober, he’ll remember the conversation, but part of me is hoping not since I’m a captive audience for at least another 30 hours.

If he does? I’ll tell him to go smoke a fag.



3 responses to “Smoke a Fag

  • Carrie Clevenger

    Words kill. Words are offensive. Silence is golden.

  • Ms. Heather

    Basic rule of thumb: The harder you have to argue with someone that something isn’t offensive, the more likely it is, at least to that person. Unfortunately, some people are so self-centered that they will never see it through the eyes of others.

    The reality is learning to adapt in order to respect the feelings of those we are around. I’m very careful to keep some words and views at home, and some I share outside, out of the home. But then, some people feel it’s their right to be who they are without consideration that perhaps others have that same right they needs to respect as well.

    I say have your views, just be considerate of mine.

  • Ms. Heather

    And that is just my general thought. I, too, find faggot offensive.

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