Never Too Late

I managed to get my Muse twisted in knots. And, by “Muse”, I mean myself. Ah, but that is a topic for another day.

After scrolling back to check the deadlines I set for myself in that last resolutions post, I realized I was pushing too hard again. No, not on those deadlines, but because I forgot them. Summer Lust is out with three beta readers (one still hasn’t sent me her email address, but I won’t complain. Actually, I’m laughing because that’s something I’d do too). So I am on schedule despite this week’s budding frustration.

Last week, I told one of my beta readers that Morgan’s story could be ready by the weekend. Yes, that weekend that just passed, and no, it wasn’t ready. I said that when I was half way through edits and liking what I saw. It didn’t need as much clean up work as Summer Lust did, and so I thought if I pushed, I could have it ready for a rough read-through.

Nope. No such luck, but not because the second half was worse than the first. As I reached the last five chapters, I realized I swapped POVs a couple of times. Most of the story was written from the POV of Morgan (with the rest from the Evil Bad Guys) and then suddenly, towards the end, Adam spoke up. Gee, thanks Adam. You’ll have your story next, not here.

Ah, but it worked. Those two chapters flowed better from Adam’s mouth, and so I made a list of every chapter, its purpose, and who could serve as POV. Turns out, after careful consideration of underlying themes, five other chapters could go from okay to good by letting Adam have the reins.

While this means major rewrites of those chapters, it also means a better story. I’ll be editing for a couple of more weeks easily, maybe a month, but after getting annoyed at that, I checked the blog and realized I gave myself a month to polish Morgan’s story anyway. Yep, even with major revisions to POV I could still stay on schedule.

Huh, go figure. I suspect that original deadline was a typo, but I’ll take it. I have a month to fix these chapters and finalize any other edits. That also means I have a month to find a new beta reader. I like the variety and I only require that a beta not hold back any punches.

The Muse has been detwisted and now she wants to work on Sebastian and Reed’s story, but I have her on a short leash. We will finish Morgan’s story first. It’s never too late for major revisions, if they improve the story. Back to work with me, dear Readers. Thanks for visiting while I ramble.



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