Being the obsessive personality that I am, I had the bright idea to purge old blog posts. But wait, it gets better. It’s not just that I wanted to clean up my blog – because that would’ve been easy – I also got it in my head that I didn’t want to delete everything, but only a few of the oddball posts that didn’t quite fit with what this blog has become for me. What that means, exactly, I’ll figure out when I’m done.

What was I about to say? Oh, yes, I did have a point…

I simply forgot what it was.

Oh, right. I remember. So, anyway, I’m reading through (randomly, I might add) old blog posts during this purging process and I came across one where I promised to follow up with an entry about one-star reviews. I know that never happened, even without checking the rest of the blog. It also reminded me that “Tri-Sexual” was titled such because there had been three intended parts. Part two is halfway done, handwritten in my notebook, and part three is still rolling around in my head begging for release.

I’m sure there are more like that – hints at future blog entries that were never fulfilled. While I can be obsessive about some things (just ask Carrie about my spreadsheets, outlines, and folders of story data. After a shudder and a shot of Jack, she’ll tell you) I can be very, um, chaotic about other things. Good intentions often become trampled by the Muse, and time slips away until, before I know it, that rough draft you sent has been in my inbox for a month and you’re trying your best not to nag me for my feedback.

Which reminds me! I promised a certain someone a little bite of Maximian. Darling Max, my favorite vampire. I wonder how many times I’ll forget that before he simply demands to be written, distracting me from everything else until it’s done. He should. It’s obvious I can’t seem to remember.



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