Visiting and Stuff

Today I’m a guest over on Kait Nolan’s blog, where I’ll be talking about finding the time to make that leap from writing for fun to published author. Drop on by before I wonder if I have the plague on this blog tour.

Also, the Kindle version of Fallen is now available for those of you, like me, who will wait and download it directly to avoid having to figure out where that USB cord wandered off to when you weren’t looking. Check it out here: FALLEN on Kindle

I’m fiddling with a Writer’s Block entry today, but I expect that’ll get set aside until next week. In the meantime, check out Kait’s blog, and watch for me over at … at… Darn it, I left my calendar at home. I think I’m scheduled to visit Naughty Boys in the Back Seat on Monday, but check back here that morning to confirm that I ended up in the right palce. If not, its still a good website for M/M reviews and interviews, and it’s sister site does the same for het erotic romance.

Regardless of where I end up Monday, I’ll be addressing the most common question I’ve heard: Why M/M?

Have a great weekend, dear Readers!



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