New Series: Personal Demons

Today I’m a guest at Naughty Boys in the Back Seat where I talk about why I write M/M erotic romances. This website was a fairly recent discovery for me, but I’m glad I found Naughty Boys. It’s a great place to keep up with the genre.

If you’re one of my dear friends who prefer het stories, the sister site, Naughty in the Back Seat, is a great place to explore as well, but be warned, there are girls over there!

In other news, MAN WHORE, the first book in my Personal Demons series, has been accepted by Silver Publishing. I’m very excited to embark on this series with Silver. MAN WHORE will be much darker and grittier than FALLEN, but in exchange, the heat level is doubled as well. Hey, with a title like “Man Whore”, you probably guessed that already. For those of you who read my FridayFlash posts (as infrequent as they are) this is Morgan’s story, the wild man from “Double Trouble”. 

Happy Monday!



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