Little Down, Bigger Up

I over-extended myself again. I did it as I scrambled to edit the last couple of guest blog posts, but I was having fun, excited about my new release and eagerly anticipating meeting new potential readers through these guest visits.

This weekend I started what I refer to as my OCD dreams. These are the repetitive, anxious dreams. I got them when I worked in the restaurants, first getting swamped by orders in an over-heated kitchen, and later rushing around my section and realizing I’ve been ignoring one table for hours. Yes, hours. The dreams repeat all night, waking me and then jumping me as soon as I drift off again.

After I’d moved on from restaurants, I’d still get the dreams. More recently, if I spent too much time playing the dangerously-addicting World of Warcraft, my dreams would be full of quests not quite completed. Much like when I actually played, there was always one more thing to do before I could stop.

So, yeah, I’ve been dreaming about editing blog posts. I still love the concept of guest blogging, and I’ll continue to write them as they’re offered to me, but I realize now, that I must be more careful about scheduling these visits. I have one more – one without a deadline – to do this month, and then another at the end of November. I’m past the big push that I scheduled to revolve around Fallen’s release. The dreams continue, but they’ll fade as I submerge myself into fiction again. I know they will. Fiction has always been a good escape to this kind of anxiety. Even stuck in a difficult scene, I’d rather dream about my boys than see my inbox on auto-repeat all night.

On to better topics!

I’ve received my first review for Fallen on Goodreads. Yay! Having that spot blank probably added to my anxiety level. I suspect this will be unavoidable going forward. The first review for any book will not be the only one, but it starts the ball rolling and let’s me know, as the author, if I’ve made my point. Yep, I think I did. It was a great review that told me the reader understood my themes and desires for the story. It is very gratifying to see that all of my hard work has had the desired results.

Speaking of Fallen, many of you commented on the beautiful cover, so keep your eyes out this weekend for a quick blog post with a link to a cover contest. (I’m writing this from work, and Google isn’t finding it for me.) Voting is only two days this weekend, and there are several beautiful covers to see. I’ll link it here tomorrow evening.



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