Writing, Reading, and Other Stuff

I haven’t been reading much, but what I’ve read I’ve reviewed (ish) over on GoodReads. I’m letting myself get too busy with writing and that needs to stop. When a writer doesn’t read, it shows in her words. I’ve seen it in my own stories, and so I need to start scheduling reading time as a required activity and not just a ‘for fun’ thing to do in my spare time.

That being said, I’ve finished Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride (a contest win that had been on my TBR list), Come Back to Me by Lisa Marie Davis (a GoodReads group challenge to which I had mixed reaction), Broken by Sage Whistler (surprisingly sweet twincest), and A Vampire in Waikiki (my first AJ Llewelyn book, despite following him on Twitter for over a year). Head on over to GoodReads if you want to see what else is on my shelf.

Back to the writing front. I have over 12k words on the new WiP, tentatively titled Crowded and Alone. At this rate, it’ll be done by the third week of November. At that point, I’ll start the sequel to Man Whore, or the line edits on Man Whore itself, depending on my editor’s time table. If I’m editing book #1, I’ll write something else so I don’t have to think about the same characters in both a technical and a creative sense. There’s plenty to choose from, including two others with rough outlines that can be started at the drop of a hat, so I’m not worried about scheduling a line up for new WiPs yet.

Fallen has received two reviews on GoodReads, and a handful of ratings without reviews on other distribution sites. It’s slow going, but I’ve heard the first one usually is, so I’m being patient. I had promised myself to send out emails requesting reviews this weekend, but begging for reviews isn’t really my thing. Yes, I know I need to get out there and get seen, but I’d rather not nag. Besides, the publisher sent the ARC out to over a dozen different review sites close to the release date. It might be too soon to request one personally. Undecided, I let it slip to next weekend’s To-Do list.

With all this writing stuff going on I’m still running, but I don’t know how that’s going to fit into the week through the winter. This week, if work didn’t keep me late, I could just barely get a 5k run in after hours and before dark. With the Daylight Savings thing kicking in this weekend, I won’t have time to run outdoors safely during the work week. There’s a gym not too far from me that I could join, but let’s face it, running on a treadmill is mind-numbingly boring. I’ll figure something out. I hope. Time will tell.



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