Three ‘Other World’ Updates

I typically like to post in my blog once a week on average. Some months, I have a lot to say, or maybe that should read, I don’t censor myself as well, and other months, I struggle for topics for the blog. In those prolific months, I type up drafts and save them on the blog dashboard for future use. Yet when I realized I haven’t posted a new entry to this blog since the 7th and opened up that list of drafts, I found nothing but fiction blurbs and partial flash fiction attempts. Uh, yeah, my head’s been in the creation process a little too deeply lately. Well, not “too” but I’ve been in that Other World often.


Crowded and Alone has slowed in the word count, but that’s a good thing. Something about the manuscript has been bugging me and letting my mind wander over how each scene contributes to the whole as I write it has helped narrow down the issues. I know now where I need to concentrate on the second pass to pull the story together with strong bindings.


On the publication front, Fallen received a great review on GoodReads and not only did I enjoy the review, but it inspired several other GoodReads users to add the book to their bookshelves. Fallen is on 30 shelves this morning and while I know some people use multiple shelves, I’m still happy with the number for now.


In other writing news, Summer Lust was officially rejected after a month outstanding. I’m not the least bit disappointed (okay, just a little) because I received an extensive letter outlining what worked and didn’t for that publishing house with an invitation to submit the manuscript again if I address their concerns in future edits. The best part was, I understood their points and came up with some fun adjustments to fix those sticky spots. The Bad Guy will have a bigger role, and so will one MC’s parent. I’m excited and looking forward to finding the time to work on these changes.


Last, but certainly not least, I love to challenge myself. I believe that every writer should step out of their comfort zone on a regular basis. Once, a friend dared me to write a Western. I did. It wasn’t easy, but I did, and I loved the experience. My newest challenge was on a random whim that I didn’t expect to follow through with just yet. Silver Publishing has a call out for Valentine’s Day short stories. I generally avoid holiday themes, so I figured what the heck, let’s do some kind of sappy story for the lovers’ holiday. What’s developing is not fully sappy, and within the first two thousand words shifted from a contemporary romance to a paranormal horror with a V-Day theme, but I’m loving the challenge and I hope Silver will too. It will be sent out to them once finished even if the sap starts flowing into a flood.


Hmm, not bad for having nothing to say. The lack of daylight – or rather, the lack of safe running time outdoors – has been dragging down my mood, but apparently not my productivity. Go me. Go you, dear Readers. Are you keeping busy?





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