Will It

Doubt creeps in, sneaking slowly, like those silly horror movies, where the giant tarantula or a hungry python slowly approaches the sleeping human.

I don’t log in to check my sales figures every day, or not even once a week, but I did last night. I suspect there may be a delay in figures since I’ve had more people tell me they downloaded the book last two weeks than are showing up on the report, but still, even if I rounded up, I’m a bit disappointed.

Yes, I know, this after I wrote in the last blog entry that I expected slow reception. No, today I won’t take my own advice. I’m puzzled by low sales because CRANK has faired well. Okay, so CRANK is free, but…

Anyway, today I’m combating the doubt. I’m not giving in to it. Not completely. I can’t not write, even if I chose to give up the publishing goals. I can chose to keep stories to myself or free online so I don’t torment myself with revisions and line edits, but I’m not at that point either. Today I’m simply venting frustration so that I can approach those revisions with a clear head.

As for progress, I’ve set aside C&A to stew. It needs some work, and I think I know where, but clearing it from my mind for a week or two will help solidify those needs. It’s also going back to being called Untitled because, while I don’t hate “Crowded and Alone”, I don’t love it either. Perhaps I’ll post the blurb and let my wonderful readers come up with a title. Would you be interested in that?

In other writing news, I did write that Valentine’s Day submission. It involves an angel, a group of blood-thirsty demons, and shadowfire magic (borrowed from an upcoming release). I’ll let you know (of course) if it’s accepted and when it’ll be available if it is.

Lastly, I’m nearly finished with the Summer Lust revisions. I am excited about that story. I received wonderful feedback from Loose Id when they declined the manuscript, and through that, I believe it’s a stronger story. I’m grateful that the editor who caught my query took the time to write a personalized response. Keep your fingers crossed that this revision does the trick. I think it might.

Will. I think it will.

Will. It will.

Ah, that’s a bit better. Just blogging about writing has relieved some of the lurking doubt. It’s still out there, but it’s drawn back a bit. Perhaps a skim through those revisions will banish it to the shadowy corner where I can’t see it if I don’t look.



One response to “Will It

  • Sloan Parker

    Ah, those lovely writer’s doubts. Gotta love them. Not! They sometimes sneak up when you least expect it or really need them not to. Hang in there, Pia. As you build a backlist, I’m sure you’ll see those sales numbers continue to climb. I get a lot more downloads with my free reads as well. But you are getting your name out there and continuing to submit your work. Both are the right moves in my opinion. Good luck with your revisions!

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