Caught up? Never.

With two big projects off my plate this weekend, I should relax and take a day off.

Yeah, right!

Line edits for Man Whore have been returned to my editor for another round of revisions and Summer Lust has been resubmitted to the same editor that was kind enough to take the time to give me a helpful and detailed rejection. Line edits for Bound By Love, my Valentine’s Day release, are in my inbox, but at 11k that story shouldn’t take long at all to review and approve.

So now what?

I’m anxious to start the sequel to Man Whore, but I don’t want to dive into that manuscript until Man Whore is final. I don’t want to cross wires, thinking about edits on one while drafting the other. I’ll have my chance soon. We’re close.

After reviewing my plans for these last couple of months, I see how my priorities shifted. Yes, I completed NaNo, though with the second story being the V-day short instead of the beginning of Adam’s story. That’s acceptable, even better than the original goal. I haven’t, however, started editing the NaNo manuscript. I spent that time addressing the changes recommended for S.L. and line edits for M.W. Good changes to the goal, again.

Undecided for January, I’m considering a gay cowboy request from a Twitter friend, and a second cowboy story for Amber Allure’s open call, but to be honest, Adam’s story will likely take priority since I don’t want to leave too much time between books in a series. Along with that first draft of that, I should focus on the first revision of the NaNo mess, Crowded and Alone (though I really, really, really hate that title now, I don’t have a better one yet.)

Until then, for the rest of the month, I’ll try to catch up on reading, sketch out some new CRANK chapters, and hopefully get in a few more runs before the nastier side of winter arrives in my neighborhood.

Have a great year end, dear Readers. I’ll try to post again before then, but if I don’t, be safe and have a Happy New Year!


PS Fallen is #3 on the GoodReads list for Best Gay Angels. Have you voted yet?


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