Snow Me In

We’re expecting our first Nor’easter of the season today. The wood stove is pouring out heat, but we haven’t seen a single flake yet (except those on the TV, but even the Pats, in Buffalo, are only getting flurries).

With no special plans for the next two days, I’m looking forward to this storm. I’ll curl up on the sofa with some tea and my laptop, typing away at edits or drafting a new story. I should probably run out and grab some meat and creamer, but I avoid the grocery store when weather predictions are foul. People get crazy before a big storm, stocking up on … well, I don’t even know what. Full carts block aisles and hold up check out, and for what? Because we might be snowed in for a day, maybe a day and a half?

I’ll make do with what we have in the kitchen, thank you.

My final revision for Bound by Love is with my editor. I’m excited for this release. Monti, my editor for this one, had a great suggestion to tweak the ending. While I didn’t use her suggestion, it inspired a better one than what I had. For a short story, there’s plenty to read – demons, a fallen angel, a magical ring, and (maybe best of all) a wingasm.

Bound by Love will be available from Silver Publishing on February 12th for their Valentine’s Day themed releases.

Next up on the list today is CRANK. It’s hard to believe I used to post to that freebie twice a week last year. Now weekly, it still seems like I just finished a chapter when it’s time to think about writing the next one.

It’s still a passion, no matter the work involved.

Down the road, I hope to put the first story together in one document for eReader enjoyment. I have no date for that just yet, but if one of my dear Readers has some experience and ideas for a book cover for CRANK, please let me know. I would pay for properly designed art. (

Happy Snow Day!



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