One of those boring Year in Review rambling posts.

Time is flying by. It seems like just yesterday that I finally snapped and decided I had to put some serious effort into getting published. Sure, I had been talking about it a lot and I had made myself a lot of promises, but I hadn’t done much towards that goal. I’d written a ton of words, even edited a few pages, but I hadn’t TRIED.

Some time in 2010, I broke. In my mind something snapped and said, just fucking do it already. Stop talking about it and take the steps you know you need to take. Done. Now there are many more (steps, that is), but the foundation has been set and good habits have been started.

By the time we rang in the New Year, Fallen had been accepted and published. I remember the day I found out. We were running late to drive up to Maine to visit the in-laws and I made us even later when I saw that email. I had to drop all of my packing and preparing to read the contract, sign it, and send it back. That was only after reading the offer email three times on my smart phone, switching to the desktop and reading it again, and then finally telling the Hubby the good news. Hubby, despite his strong loathing for being late for anything developed a boatload of patience that morning. (Or maybe I simply didn’t not notice from my stunned daydream state.)

Also by January 1st, two more stories have been accepted and revised with a wonderful editor. Both are due to be released in the first quarter of 2011, and I was delighted to share the new cover for one at a gathering of friends just a couple of hours before midnight on December 31st. It’s been a helluva ride and I’m looking forward to these next two releases with such nervousness and eagerness. Do the nerves ever settle? I hope not!

Lastly, but certainly not due to value, a wonderful editor at Loose Id has shown interest in Summer Lust. I took some great advice from a rejection letter and revised the story. In return, I received another suggestion. At first I was frustrated that it still wasn’t good enough, but that changed to inspiration as I realized that these revisions are not only challenging me as a writer, but making me and the story better. I hope to have the story back in the editor’s hands by the end of January.

For the coming year, I intend to write the sequel to Man Whore, tentatively titled Love and Duty. I also hope to write the third book in the series, but given my timing, that probably will not be released this year. (I’ll be happy if it’s drafted and in edits by then.) Also on the 2011 docket: major revisions of the NaNo manuscript, a new paparazzi story, and the potential rewriting of Crank’s first story in novel format. It’ll be a busy year, but I like it that way. Writing is cathartic, just like running. I run for physical healing and I write for mental survival. Come enjoy it with me.



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