New Cover Art and a Print Release!

Wow! I am so excited to show off my new art for Man Whore, the first in the Personal Demons paranormal series. Reese Dante asked a bunch of questions and let me see the art through its stages to make sure everything came out just right. She is an amazing artist! Morgan is a, shall we say, unique person, and she hit every detail. Dare I say she enjoyed the challenge? Special thanks to Reese for this beautiful work! (A link from my Bookshelf and a blog announcement will let you know as soon as pre-orders are available.)

In other news, Fallen will be available in print starting next Saturday! (I’ll share a little secret. Reese is very excited to have her first angel in print, so drop on by Silver Publishing’s website and pick up your copy first!) I am thrilled with this announcement as I hadn’t expected it to go to print until I wrote Bran’s story, so they could release as one volume.

Pre-order Fallen in print


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