New Contract!

It’s official. I suppose if anyone tried to figure it out, they would’ve. I wasn’t exactly subtle, but hey, I was (am) excited.

Call me superstitious, but I don’t like to announce a book contract based on just the acceptance email. Sure, it’s pretty much a done deal then, but any number of things could change – maybe I don’t like the contract terms, or snail mail loses the paperwork, or… *gasp* they change their mind. Okay, maybe not the last one, but like I said, call me superstitious.

Are you asking yet?

Who is it? What’s getting published? Stop effin’ teasing me Pia!

After a couple of rounds of rejections with revision suggestions, Loose Id has made an offer for Summer Lust. I swung back and forth between frustration that it wasn’t good enough and elation that the editor would give me personal feedback to bring the story up to their standards. I’m glad I stuck it out and didn’t like doubt win. They were great suggestions, and I haven’t made a change that I didn’t like.

An official release date is yet to come, but the target is this summer. The next revision and line edits will delay my work on the sequel to Man Whore but that story is making me pull teeth to get words out anyway. A break may very well be what I need to let the subconscious muck around with it.

I am thrilled to be accepted by Loose Id. Some of my favorite M/M authors publish there, and I’m honored to be a part of that family. If you hear any fangirl squeals, it’s because I’m chatting with the minds that created some damn fine pretty gay boys.



2 responses to “New Contract!

  • Dad

    Congrats. The first one didn’t come very long ago and now it’s like a landslide. Not long before you are writing from the veranda of your multi-million dollar beach house in the Bahama’s 🙂

    Love, Dad

  • christel42

    Congrats! You deserve all of this! What an awesome year it’s been already for you! 🙂

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