A Study In Character

My commute to the Evil Day Job is my thinking time. Quite often I chat with characters, work out new ideas or flaws for them, or otherwise write. Yes, I write while I drive. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s a topic for at least one full blog post, if not several. Later.

Today, my own characters didn’t come to play. Instead, I found myself wondering how a certain vampire fared lately. It’s been a while since I’ve read his story, and even though his writer posts weekly updates online — much like I do with CRANK, but from the vampire’s viewpoint, and without the pretty gay boys — I still haven’t seen him.

I can’t. I think of his writer when I try.

Sadly, his creator and I had a falling out. The details aren’t important, but I am getting around to my point.

This isn’t the first time I’ve stopped reading an author that behaved in an offensive manner–

No wait, I already wrote that blog post.

My point today is simply wondering how much of ourselves we put into our characters, and how much of our characters we’d like to see in ourselves. This vampire I suddenly found myself missing this morning was never afraid to say it how he saw it. I also wondered if that was something this writer would like to be able to do better. Maybe things would’ve ended differently between us (or not ended at all), if the subject of distress had been revealed point-blank. Maybe.

Of course, during this line of thought, Morgan pipes up laughing. Morgan is my man whore, and so he asks me if I want to be more sexual. Shut up, Morgan. You’re my extrovert and you’re my starving artist. Go fuck something.

Despite Morgan’s objections, I do have a better example. Eden and Bel’s story (Bound By Love) starts with an established relationship. It is a story of undying love and faith, and of what one person would do for the person he loves. I’m not the most romantic person (that laughter is my Hubby — hush, you!) but I do get very protective of those that mean something to me. Yes, I’d travel to Hell for him, though I’m not so confident in my abilities to get back on my own.

Bel’s unflagging determination to save his cherished Eden is a part of me. His stubbornness in earning Eden’s trust less so. (Yes, dear, I’m stubborn, I know. Hush. I’m talking about earning friendships here.) Maybe I should study these characters more. Perhaps, with a lesson from Bel’s past, I could talk to the vampire again. After all, Bel and Eden tried to kill each other when they first met. The writer and I have yet to go that far. Even on paper.

Bound by Love will be available from Silver Publishing this Saturday. Click HERE for more information.


PS I still love you, even if we can’t get along.



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