Double Trouble, a warning and a promo

I’m getting excited about Man Whore’s upcoming release. Before I get into the point of today’s post, I will say nothing will stop that enthusiasm. I’m very proud of this story, and I’m thrilled with the direction of the series as a whole.

I threw that disclaimer out there because while I’m uber excited for Man Whore’s release, a small part of me is a bit worried about how it will be received. You see, I’m curious about the twins.

Yes, I did say twins.

So at this point, I have some readers perking up and others cringing and peeking through covered eyes.

The excerpt I’ll be sharing (as soon as I receive the ARC) is the first chapter. It includes Morgan (the man whore himself) and his friends, twin adult males. recently pulled any and all incest from their site. This included adult, consensual erotica stories. Man Whore’s excerpt ends before anything happens between Morgan and the twins, and the twins, being side characters, don’t get busy in this story. This is, however, the first book in a series, and eventually The Twins will have a shot at a lead spot.

While I know, and I will admit up front, that there is no twincest in Man Whore, I can’t help but wonder if the hint of twincest will turn off some readers. I also worry that Amazon will block this book from their site simply because of the implication of twincest. I expect not. Not because I have faith in that company — I don’t — but because incest is the sexual union, and that does not occur within the pages of Man Whore.

Now that that’s been said, there are no promises that there won’t be scenes where the twins get a little more friendly. In book two, I’ve already caught them kissing on screen.

So will knowing that turn people off from the first story? Will having the excerpt, with an allusion of twincest, keep readers from downloading Man Whore? Will the twincest fans clamor for a story after being teased by the excerpt?

I don’t have those answers. I can only make a choice based on what I think is best. Yes, part of the purpose of this blog entry is to warn the squeamish that there is discussion of menage involving twins, twins that are very close, but also to let the squeamish know that there won’t be anything more than that. Not in the first story anyway.

As for the twins themselves and what may happen when they take the spotlight, the twins are close. They always have been. As for being labeled taboo, or being kicked off Amazon, there’s nothing I am willing to do about that. Rules change constantly. Man Whore doesn’t have incest in it, but given Amazon’s flights of fancy, it wouldn’t surprise me if they killed it anyway. I can’t write around the fears of a small handful of the population that complains to that website, and I want to write the stories of these boys, so I’ve found a compromise that I hope helps more than hinders — I’m stating it right up front. This book does contain twins that are very close, but they keep their clothes on (on-screen) for every page of Man Whore.

Beware, The Twins. They know things.


Man Whore is available for pre-order from Silver Publishing by clicking here:  Man Whore


4 responses to “Double Trouble, a warning and a promo

  • Z.A. Maxfield

    You know, I’d be the first to tell you that you should never, ever censor what you write based on how it will be received by certain groups of people. I believe that very sincerely. On the other hand, as the mother of thirteen-year-old identical twin boys, nothing quite puts me off like twincest. (Can you imagine? I’d never sleep again.)

    BUT not everyone feels the same way I do and I even allude to twincest in one book, but mostly to show my character, a twin, is equally put off by the thought of it. It is a very common kink, and as such, is simply someone’s taste. And consenting adults really aren’t my business.

    So if your question is, would a person who does not enjoy twincest nix the whole series. Well, I wouldn’t, I’d read the bits without, and if I really like the series, I’d probably even get the one that has twincest in it because I wouldn’t want to miss a minute of a series I enjoy. Others may have fatal prejudices.

    Prejudice is absolutely no reason not to write what’s in your heart or none of us would write GLBTQ or I daresay a host of other types of things, both genre and literary.

  • Dawn Embers

    Interesting… that would take out a number of books, including some big name authors. If taking all incest books off the site then some of the V.C. Andrews books have to go. Flowers in the Attic has brother/sister scene, their parents were an uncle/niece pairing and in book three the brother/sister are together and raising her two kids.

    I will admit, for me, those types of scenes are awkward. Not that I would avoid them but it will always be a little eh. One of my favorite gay movies has a cousin kiss scene that implies they used to do more. I love the movie, Touch of Pink, but that scene is awkward every time I see it.

  • Excerpt: Man Whore « Staking the Muse

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  • Cris

    Ty so much for this “warning” Pia 😀 .
    I usually am pretty vanilla, and while i can read about twincest, incest and a bit of bdsm ( !!! ), i find myself turning away from menages. So i cringed a bit while reading this. :S

    Though, u shouldn’t find yourself worried. My frieds, for instance, dig more twincest, bdsm ( and heavy too ! ), and menages. i’m like .. a minority 😀
    So, probably, for one person who won’t read it, you will get 10 persons who will buy it just for this stuff. Trust me, you’re an addiction.
    And i do believe, u shouldn’t censor yourself.

    I’m gonna buy your books in any case, for support, because you are an awesome writer, and i liked your books so far. Me loves angels like…a lot.

    P.S. Dawn Embers, after reading VC Andrews, i found myself craving cyanide flavored tea. Majorly depressing. Tragic also, since i heard it was partially a true story.

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