Contest Winner

I am honored and thrilled that so many people were kind enough to help out while I was away. Many tweeted but didn’t stop by here for credit, plus there were those of you that shared elsewhere and commented for an entry, and the new Facebook fans that have liked my Book News page, we got the word out together. Thank you!

Man Whore has done better in this first week of release than Fallen did in its first quarter! I can give some credit for that to all the wonderful readers who enjoyed Fallen and shared their reactions with fellow readers. I can also share some credit with my dear friends spreading information for me while I was gone, despite my excitement and babbling about the release up to that date. Thank you for not getting sick of it!

When I set a goal of 75 books, I didn’t expect to meet it. However, I wanted to aim high. What’s the point of a goal, if not to strive for something better? Besides, I give to both of these charities every year regardless. This contest donation will be a bonus on top of my usual financial inclinations. That being said, I’m happy to announce we are very close to that goal! The official reports won’t come out for a while yet, but know that I’m grateful to each person who’s helped in his or her own way. Dare I hope that we push the final goal, the number for a three book giveaway? I’ll be holding my breath, waiting, but I hope you, dear readers, will be reading and enjoying.

Without further ado, and with the faceless assistance of, the winner of the first copy of Man Whore is Jason!

Congrats, Jason, I’ll be in contact shortly.

Pia Veleno

PS Don’t forget to check in after month’s end to see if we hit one or both goals for extra drawings!

Man Whore is available from Silver Publishing by clicking HERE.


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