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The problem with a blog is that sometimes I have a lot I want to say and other times I have nothing I deem “of interest” to the general public. While I’m in the mind frame of the latter, I also don’t like letting too much time pass on my author blog. As a reader, the lack of current news on an author’s site always disappoints me. After all, how else can I stalk my favorite writers?

Kidding… Really!

So without further ado, here’s a little something…

Man Whore started off with a bang right out of the release gate. Sales for this first step in a long series of stories have made me happy. Reviews are slow in coming, but it took quite a while for Fallen to catch the interest of a formal review site too, so I’m holding my breath, turning blue, and sulking for now. On GoodReads, the ratings aren’t where I’d like them to be, and part of me suspects that the set up for the rest of the series might have left people confused instead of wanting more, but there aren’t enough responses to know just yet. Again, holding my breath and waiting.

Enough sulking! In other news, my editor for Summer Lust dropped me a quick email to say that Loose Id hasn’t set an official release date yet. I love her for that! While yes I’m eager to get a date set and dive into edits, it made my day that she knew I would be anxious and headed that off with a quick note to let me know she knew and told me she was on top of it. Maybe she’s just trying to cushion the blow of the red pen to come, but I’m happy for now. I’m still hoping for a summer date, but when I know, you’ll know. I promise.

Other random fictional updates include:

© I’m back into writing the untitled cowboy story that popped into my head when a certain anthology call was announced. I’ve tweaked the original storyline to give it a darker, nastier moment to blow up the budding relationship. I might be enjoying that torment a bit too much.

© The sequel to Man Whore, now dubbed MW#2 because I’m going through my hate-every-title phase, has been hit or miss as far as adding words to a manuscript. I have an outline and know what needs to happen next, but the boys aren’t flowing through my mind like they did for Man Whore. I’m not pushing it since I’m distracted by Man Whore’s release anyway.

© While there is a musician story listed on my WiPs page, it is on hold until I finish a draft of something – anything – else. I prefer to have one draft sitting while I edit another. It’s a timing thing. So I’ll get back to the musician as soon as the cowboy or Placebo is drafted.

© Placebo? Yep. Stay tuned for more on that one. That title will stay because it has multiple meanings for the story it’ll represent. It’ll be about the crutch of a relationship, betrayal, and standing on one’s own. It’s still in the planning stages, and a fairly new story concept, but it is clamoring for attention in my mind, and I really want to give the Muse the reins on this one.

Not too shabby, huh?

The month is quickly drawing to a close. While I was going to wait until I see a royalty statement to draw a winner for the second round of the Man Whore contest, I doubt we’ll get to the qualifier for a third drawing, so after the end of the month, pop in and check to see who won the second and, if you haven’t liked my Facebook Book News page, go do so to get that extra entry.

Happy Spring, dear readers. It’s a paltry 34 degrees this morning, but I saw buds on the little willow tree near my driveway. The warm weather will be here soon, even if it is rather late this year.

Pia Veleno


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