The Gift (fiction)

Some of you have commented about sharing more of various stories, and I admit, sometimes I want to do just that when I discover new characters. I don’t know if last week’s couple will make another appearance or not, but I added their notes to an emergency file should I find myself short on ideas down the road. Today’s couple, too, is in that file. I know they have a longer, deeper story to tell, and no, that’s not just a pun. 😉


“Kiernan? Honey, I’m home!” Devdan Joshi smiled and chuckled to himself. It felt good to say that silly cliché. He’d moved in with Kiernan three months ago and they still felt like newlyweds. To have his lover waiting for him after a long day at the office, to kiss him sweetly (or aggressively) in their home, to curl up around his thin, sexy frame at night and inhale his scent as they fell asleep, it was all divine.

When Kiernan didn’t rush to meet him, as he did every evening he beat Devdan home, he called out again. “Kiernan?” He set his briefcase by the door and shrugged out of his coat, dropping it over a straight-backed chair that had no purpose other than decoration and the occasional coat rack.

“Be right out.” Kiernan’s voice, muffled, drifted from the hall to the bedroom. “Wait right there,” he called.

A thump, followed by a soft curse, and Devdan wrestled between waiting for his welcome home greeting and checking on Kiernan. “Is everything okay?” he called, taking two steps towards the hall. Something else he couldn’t quite place reached his ears. “What’s that noise?” Ripping? Crackling? What was Kiernan doing?

“Nothing!” Kiernan’s face popped out of the bedroom doorway to fix on Devdan at the end of the hall. “Wait there.” He disappeared again.

Devdan cocked his head listening, curious at the nervous tone to his lover’s voice. A soft buzz drifted down the hall chasing Devdan’s brows into a vee. He strode forward and stopped in the doorway. Grabbing the jamb for balance, he laughed, bending over, clutching his stomach, amusement bubbling out of him at the sight of his lover standing in the shadows of their shared closet. Kiernan had a strip of ribbon over one shoulder, Scotch tape stuck to his sleeve, and a guilty strip of metallic Santa-covered wrapping paper dangling from his fingers. In his hands, as he tried to replace a curly, twisted bow, a small box vibrated and buzzed.

Gasping for breath, tears springing to his eyes, Devdan drew himself up straight and chuckled softly as Kiernan shook the box, and told it to hush. “Baby,” Devdan gasped, grinning and smothering another bout of laughter. “Um… why don’t you try taking the wrapper off first?”

Kiernan shot him a guilty look. Devdan walked forward and then tugged the colorful paper off of Kiernan’s present. “Go ahead,” Devdan said. He nodded at the box and gave his lover a quick, forgiving kiss on the corner of his frowning mouth. “Unwrap it and we’ll celebrate a little early.”

The buzzing grew louder as Kiernan lifted the lid and his eyes widened at the gift inside. He said, “This will be a memorable celebration.”


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