Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Yet another hubbub is brewing in the blogosphere. I’m not going to get into what or why, because it doesn’t matter. It’s the trend of people getting worked up and then turning nasty on each other because one blogger posts an opinion piece that another doesn’t agree with. Shit, we have free will and independent minds. If we’re not turning into cattle and following the herd, then we’re going to disagree. So, damn it, I expect disagreements.

What I don’t expect and what I’d rather not see any more of is the melodramatic disagreements. You’d think a blog post was a rant against breathing by the way some people respond (and sometimes by the way the blogger writes it). Let me clarify, when a blogger posts on his or her blog, it’s an opinion. That’s what blogging is – an opinion. You’re allowed to form your own, for or against the subject matter, but for the love of humanity, don’t be an ass about it.

Whether it be a comment on the original post or a responding blog post, some people aren’t happy unless they’re crucifying the person with whom they disagree, or in turn, agreeing by attacking the subject matter at hand.

(Quite often, these are the same people that will form an opinion, instantly acting contrary, without checking sources, facts, or any other chance to make an informed decision on said opinion. Alas, that is a subject for another time, as it is a lengthy one with excellent, if somewhat snarky, examples.)

So anyway, I don’t want to rant about this, but I do want to say, it’s okay to have a differing opinion – hell, it’s even okay to make an uninformed contra opinion if that’s the way you want to present yourself to the world – but do it politely and with dignity. You’re not arguing genocide with Hitler, you’re…

Oh fuck, you’re probably not even listening at this point. I bet you’re gearing up to argue with me.


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