Free Fiction and other Updates

Today is usually the day for a free quickie – flash fiction, that is. I never intended to write the Silver Flash stories weekly, though as inspiration hits, I run with it. I do, however, have a freebie that I write every Sunday.

I promise I’ll get back to the free fiction in a moment. First, a handful of updates.

There is a lovely email in my inbox with the first round of content edits for Summer Lust. I’m extremely eager to start on this. I haven’t opened the document, because once I do, I’ll stay up way too late working on it. I’ve satisfied a brief itch by reading the summary email from my editor, and now my mind is churning with just that little bit of inspiration.

Man Whore started off stronger than the others in sales, but the reviews are slow to come. I hope to have more news on that soon. In the meantime, I’ve shelved the sequel. I’m not feeling it, and I have plenty of other projects to write. This is not an unusual tactic. When I’ve had too much of a set of characters, I ignore them until they demand attention.

I’m fiddling with a number of things while I wait to see how much of my time the Loose Id edits will consume. That is, after all, the priority. As time permits, I’m toying with cowboys, twins, and a queer young adult novel that I’d set aside a couple of years ago. Plus, it’s almost time to pick up my musician draft again. Almost.

Okay, okay, I promised to remind you about the weekly freebie, didn’t I?

CRANK is my baby. I started posting chapters to this story after I finished a grueling licensing exam in the summer of 2009. It was an experiment and I didn’t expect it to catch on, but it has. Thank you, dear Readers!

Every Sunday, I add to the story (which can be found here: CRANK). It started as Mike’s tale about hunting vampires and being hopelessly (and secretly) in love with his good friend and band mate, Crandall. Since that day, Crandall not only learned Mike was gay, but has discovered the addiction of sex with his best friend. It wasn’t happily ever after however, because a vampire attacked them, biting Crandall, and forcing him into Mike’s world of supernatural prey vs predator. Now the vampires want something from the hunters, and their request defies the instincts of both beast and man.

While the first story arc has been removed to rewrite in novel format, the second story arc is designed to be read without the first, so please feel free to dive right in. CRANK may have started as an experiment, but it has evolved into a passion.

Pia Veleno

PS Silver’s authors are still flashing. Did you read someone you loved last week? Drop by their blogs to find a new offering.


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