In Stock (fiction)

We’re doing some home improvements, so this week found me stuck in Lowe’s as the Hubby showed the guy there his sketches. Thank the gods for my smart phone. I sent an instant message to a friend who, in turn, reminded me of the fun one could have in a hardware store with a little creativity. D, this is for you.


“You know what, there’s no point to this.” Logan Drake kicked the box he’d just sliced open and then tossed his box cutter on the floor. With a huff, he dropped down onto it, plucked his hat off, and ran his fingers through sweaty black hair.

“Of course there is. You work, you get paid,” Spin said. He cut another box and then lifted it onto a wheeled cart. He tucked the cutter into his back pocket and then shooed Logan off his perch to load his box on the cart.

Kirk “Spin” Espinoza lugged two more boxes to the cart and slit them open. He grabbed the metal handle and called over his shoulder. “Let’s go, Drake.”

“We’re not going to finish in time,” Logan said. “Skinner said if we didn’t get the stock finished by end of shift, we’d be out of a job. Why fucking bother?”

Spin sighed. “I’m going to try.”

“Seriously, we have no chance, and he knows it. This is a job for four guys and Spinner doesn’t give a shit that two of them called out again. Maybe we should bang out too. Let that bossy fucker stock his own shelves.”

A blush crept up Spin’s neck at the mention of banging. He turned his back to his friend and pushed the cart out the double doors that led to the retail floor. Yeah, he’d like to bang Logan Drake, but he’d never admit it. Drake was a manly man, full of testosterone and straight talk about sports, women, and fist fights, all topped with a sexy swagger. A guy like that, if he had been gay, would be spoken for, without a doubt.

Spin parked his cart halfway down an aisle. Digging rolls of duct tape out of a box, he began stacking them in the empty space above their price tag.

“Hey Spin?” Logan stood at the end of the aisle a length of chain suspended between his hands. “There’s not enough left on the spool to bother, so I was going to throw it out, but…” He hefted it up as if weighing its durability. “It’s not too heavy. It might make a good leash for my headboard. Do you think Skinner would mind?”

Spin ground his teeth and swallowed hard, his neck hot with the implications. Then he remembered they weren’t going to last past this shift anyway. “Sure, you’re convinced he’s going to fire us, so what difference does it make?”

“Good point. Maybe I should take some of that too.” He approached with his gaze on the rolls of tape in Spin’s arms, but glanced up to meet Spin’s eyes as he stopped a step within his personal space. “May I?”

“I’m not going to say anything.” His gaze on the chain, Spin forced one shoulder up in a brief shrug. “Knock yourself out.”

“You know, I gotta say something. Since you won’t have to see me again after tonight, I just going to say it.”

Spin put the last few rolls of tape on the shelf. He faced Logan, curious at the man’s sudden somberness after such suggestive talk. “Shoot.”

“I… If I’m out of line, just walk away. I’ll punch you out at the end of the night so you still get paid for the shift.”

His brows veed together, but Spin nodded. “Okay,” he said cautiously.

“I want to chain you up and then lick every inch of your body. Oh God, Spin, the things I’ve thought of doing to you with duct tape, clotheslines, chains… I’ve wanted to bend you over the kitchen counter display and fuck you ‘til you scream, or lock you in the pre-fab shed, hands tied over head, while I suck your brains out through your cock. I’ve fantasized about hoisting you up on the fancy HD dryer to rim your ass until you beg me to fuck you.”

Logan’s eyes glazed with desire and daydreams. He blinked, shook his head, and took in Spin’s shocked stare. “I’m sorry, Spin. I had to know if you’d be interested before we got fired and went our separate ways. Don’t hate me, okay? Just be flattered and walk away. Okay?”

Spin stuttered, a thousand images racing through his mind and straight to his crotch. Maybe straight wasn’t the right word. He wanted to accept — hand Drake another roll of tape to make sure he had enough for all of those suggestions — but another part of him warned that this could be another of his weird jokes. He never did understand Drake’s sense of humor.

“I’m sorry,” Logan whispered. His resolved crumbled into disappointment, and then he turned around and walked quickly out of the aisle.

“Wait.” Spin worried his lower lip, pinching it between his teeth. Drake had been serious. They’d been fantasizing about the same things. No, not the same things, exactly. The bondage scared him a little, but his cock leapt up at the suggestions of being bound and at the mercy of Drake’s mouth. He never thought of himself as the kinky type, but damn it all, he wanted to be hung in that shed, closed in with Logan, naked and vulnerable and subject to the man’s every fantasy. It couldn’t happen fast enough. “Wait!” He took two steps and raised his voice. “Wait, Drake. I…”

He hurried to the end of the aisle. Drake had turned back to frown at him. He spit it out before he could second guess himself again. “I’m interested,” Spin said. “The shed, some rope, and… do you have… you know, lube?”

Drake’s sudden grin was wicked and mischievous. “Damn, Spin, we’re in a hardware store. I’m sure we can find something acceptable in one of these aisles.”

“Shit,” breathed Spin.

“Hot damn.” Logan grabbed Spin’s hand and dragged him towards the back of the store and the Garden Center.


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