Six Sentence Sunday: Test Run

I’ve seen the tweet tags, and I’ve avoided them. Yes, I admit it. I don’t keep up with the blogs in my RSS reader as it is, nor am I in danger of running out of reading material any time soon, so reading snippets of other authors seemed downright dangerous.

Still, I’m easily distracted, and I should be working on cover art forms for my Loose Id release, Summer Lust, so to avoid the paperwork, I decided to give this Six Sentence Sunday thing a try this week. I’ve rationalized it by telling myself it could bring in new readers. Therefore, it’s not work avoidance, it’s a promotional experiment. Yeah… that’s it… promotion.

Without further ado, lying to myself, or teasing the reader, here comes six sentences from my Silver Publishing release, Bound By Love.

Eden’s hands skated down Bel’s chest, squeezing between them to tug his shirt out of his waistband. “You like to make me beg, don’t you?”

Bel answered by pushing the angel against the wall and pinning him there with his hips. “Beg. Demand. Suggest.”

Bound By Love contains a naughty angel, a love-struck demon, and at least one wingasm. This short story is available for less than the cost of a mocha latte, and can be downloaded from Silver Publishing by clicking the cover art above, or through most of your favorite online e-book distribution sites including, but not limited to Amazon, B&N, and ARe.

Visit the Six Sentence Sunday blog to see the full list of this week’s participating authors.


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