Guest Blog: Ryssa Edwards and her Angels

I’m spending the weekend geeking out with some friends, so I’ve turned over blog privileges to Ryssa Edwards. I don’t know if there’s enough room in here for all of these wings, but we’ll make due. Ryssa is visiting today to answer some of her most frequently heard questions about writing and publishing, and to share her upcoming releases.

Enjoy, dear readers, and have a wonderful weekend.

Pia Veleno

How long have you been with Silver Publishing?

I’ve been with Silver since October, 2010. And counting!

Do you have any series books running with Silver?

I have one series of novellas with Silver, Immortal Pleasures. The first novella, Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire is the story of the Archangel of War, Michael. The second novella, coming out this Saturday is Dark Angel, All the Stars.  There are two more novellas in the series, coming up soon.

What are your upcoming releases?

I’m so glad you asked! I have four new releases coming up.

Dark Angel, All the Stars is part II two of my Immortal Pleasures series. It’s the story of

the Archangel Lucifer and his centuries long love for Aeryn, a mortal. (May 28th)

The Moon House is a short story that will be part of the First Time for Everything Dreamspinner Press Daily Dose anthology. The first story will be out on June 1st. The Moon House is the story of Samson, a carnival strong man who falls for Jace, a virgin.

Dreaming of a Kissing is a novel about Rafe, a college freshman who sets out to find a cure for his mother, and ends up falling in love with Kayne, a Wulf in training to be Alpha Wulf. This book is coming soon from Decadent Publishing.

Immortal Pleasures, Volume I (working title) is a print edition of the first two stories in my Immortal Pleasures series, Warrior Angel, Heart’s Desire and Dark Angel, All the Stars. This is coming soon from Silver Publishing.

I’m writing a secret project for the Male / Male Romance Discussion Group on Good Reads. It’s part of the Hot Days of July “Dear Author” letters. Stop by Good  Reads and check out Hot Days of July!

 (Oh, I’m so glad you mentioned that Ryssa! I’m plotting a secret project for that too. Stay tuned, dear Readers, and I’ll have an update on this one in a few weeks. ~PV)

What’s your favorite part of the publishing process? What drives you nuts?

My favorite part of the publishing process is writing rough draft. It’s great to write a story at breakneck pace and not think about spelling or grammar or sentence structure. It’s all about the story. It’s awesome, like a roller coaster ride in the dark. The part that drives me nuts is waiting for the edits to come back. I don’t mind doing the edits, I hate waiting for them. The anticipation kills me.

Do you write one book/story at a time or multiples?

I typically write two pieces at a time. Lately, with the Immortal Pleasures  series, I’ve been writing two parts at a time, to keep the characters consistent. I also work on my weekly blog story. So, it keeps my fingers busy!

How long does it take you to write a book?

It depends on the book. Usually, it takes me anywhere from six months to nine months. My latest novel, “Dreaming of a Kiss” took about nine months from rough draft to final draft. A novella takes about three months from the rough draft up through the final draft.

How many books do you read in the average month? e-Book or print or both? I read e-Books almost exclusively because I have an e-reader. In the average month, I read around two books, a novella and a three or four short stories.  Right now, I’m reading Anna Karenina. Ahhh . . . that’s all I’m reading right now. Well, I sneak in the occasional short story.

What authors inspire you?

I like different authors for their different strengths. I love Hemingway’s short stories. They pack a punch in very few words. H. P. Lovecraft’s ability to build “creepy” into a short story is amazing. Dashiell Hammet writes dialogue that snaps right off the page.

Where can we find you on the web?

My blog:

Good Reads, my Discussion Group:  come on over and join us . . .

Good Reads, my promo thread in the M/M Romance Group: you can keep up with news on new releases here . . .

Pia, thanks for having me!

(You’re most welcome. Thanks for stopping by. How about you, dear Readers? Have you read Ryssa’s books? Do you have a burning question for our author on the hot seat? ~PV)


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  • clvrwitch

    *giggles* I’m obviously running with the big dogs on the Hot Days of July project. Hoping I can keep up.

    I enjoyed your guest post very much, and look forward to reading your work. Now…back to my “secret project”. 🙂 best luck to both of you!

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