Rainbow Awards 2011

Have you heard of the Rainbow Awards? I tend to assume post people have because Elisa puts in a ton of effort and news makes its rounds fairly quickly and frequently when the awards start their public voting round each year. For those that don’t know of the Rainbow Awards, it’s a huge public vote for the best GLBT cover art each year. Huge. I’ve found a number of interesting books browsing covers to vote.

Enough background, what I really want to say about the Rainbow Awards is Fallen is up this week, and blowing away the other covers in its group. I may not have created the cover, but I’ve watched the hubbub of this award for a couple of years now, so I know this will be great exposure for me, and the story. Last year, Silver’s cover artist (Reese Dante) had several covers in final rounds and (I think I remember correctly?) she took second place overall. I might be a tad bias, but I think Fallen has that potential too.

But only if people vote!

Please take a few moments to vote in each round. Award info, polls, and cover art can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

On a separate note, today is the last day to vote for Fallen in the Cover Cafe contest. It is listed in the Alternate Reality category, but Cover Cafe will only count your vote if you cast a vote in three different categories. Please take a moment to cast your three votes today HERE.


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