Have a story to sell? Tweet it!

Hey writers! All of you – published or unpublished, listen up.

As you probably know, I wet my pants with excitement when Loose Id bought my latest story. Since we signed the contract, I’ve had a wonderful experience with a talented editor and helpful, friendly staff.

Not to mention — oops, but I will anyway — virtual elbow rubbing with some of my favorite authors.

No, wait, this post isn’t about getting all fangirl, so I’ll get back to the point. If you’ve ever considered writing for Loose Id, you will have a chance to pitch to an editor Wednesday on Twitter. Yes, that’s right. You’ll have the span of ONE tweet, to garner interest in your baby. If your tweet hits the mark, you’ll get an invitation to submit a partial manuscript. How cool is that?

Several LI editors will be available for two Twitterpitch sessions — one from noon to 1pm Eastern time and the second from 9pm to 10pm Eastern time. All you need to do is tweet your pitch with the hashtag #twitpitch so they can find it.

Know someone who might be interested? Forward this along.

I can’t wait to see all the #twitpitch tweets tomorrow!

Pia Veleno


3 responses to “Have a story to sell? Tweet it!

  • Pender

    That sounds like a neat idea but I have no idea how I’d tweet a pitch.

    • piaveleno

      Tweeting it is easy. Making it fit into 140 characters is the trick.

      No @ to anyone needed. By using #twitpitch in your tweet they’ll see it. Plus, you can search by that hashtag if you want to see how others are doing it, but I’d recommend working on a 140 (minus the hashtag characters) pitch before hand.

      Making a 250 character blurb was a challenge for me, so this one will be very, very interesting.

      @ me if you have questions. (@piaveleno)

  • Pender

    Thanks for the info & suggestions. I’ll be tweeting. 🙂

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